Review: Dior Prestige La Creme, Light Texture

Dior has a few skincare lines. Diorsnow helped me get rid of pimple marks and I love their anti aging Capture line. Prestige, as the name implies, is the most luxurious of Dior’s skincare line up. Their La Creme which used to target those with drier skin is now available in a lighter texture (RM1,200), so those with oily combination skin can enjoy it to the fullest. I got the opportunity to try it, and it is undeniably one of the more decadent moisturizers I’ve tried. The price makes it at par with cult favourite Creme de La Mer. I tried the latter many years ago, but haven’t given it a go recently, so I won’t make the comparison.



Dior Prestige La Creme box



As you’d expect, the packaging reflects the price tag. The cream is housed in a hefty glass jar with gold accents. It is very heavy, and honestly, I wish they’d tone it down a little. I wouldn’t mind if the glass jar isn’t as big because that will probably cut down half the weight. I have to leave this tub of moisturizer on my vanity rather than keeping it in my skincare drawer because 1, it’s huge and 2, I don’t want it to slip and break my table. I’m confident this glass house will stay intact. The Prestige Light Cream comes with an applicator that’s used to scoop the cream out on one end, and to massage the face on the other end. Again, heavy but not painful to hold. The massaging end is rubber and it is to be used in circular motion to increase blood flow and circulation on the face. I have read (external sources) that massaging the face does help boost our skin’s health and when you apply some pressure on your pressure points, it also aids drainage, hence less puffy face.

(I have also used the Yu Ling jade face roller to massage the cream in, and it works perfectly!)



spatula and massager Dior Prestige the cream



The cream itself is very silky. It is lightweight and spreads easily. However, there is a very strong rose scent which put me off initially. After a couple of months of using it now, I still notice it, but doesn’t smell as strong. This cream does not leave a heavy layer of grease on the skin. After massaging the cream in, my face feels very soft and moisturized. Any signs of flakes are gone, and very fine lines from dehydration disappears. Yes, this definitely quenches my normal to dry skin. This light texture also lets me apply the cream in the day with comfort but on days I wear makeup, I prefer something much lighter. If it’s a hot day, this cream does make my face feel oilier than usual. After using it for 2 months nightly, I dare say I see less texture on my face. I can’t credit this cream alone, since I use other treatments as well, but I can see a difference when I use this cream, and when I use a much lighter one. I did compare this with the Dior Capture Totale night cream that I love, and while both work well on my skin, I very much prefer this texture. Light in texture, heavy on impact. The Capture Totale is much thicker so I mix a few drops of oil to help smooth it out.



Dior Prestige top bottom shot Dior Prestige la creme



This Prestige Light Cream is definitely something to try if you have the budget. It is elegance and luxury in every way. If they could somehow ease up on the fragrance, this cream will be even better. Oh, and maybe lighten up on the packaging as well. While it sits very beautifully on my vanity, it can also be used as a weapon. At this price tag, I can’t afford to buy it myself, but I personally know a few of my mom’s friends who swear by this line.

What do you think?



xoxo Lily



ps: Ingredients for those of you who are curious

Dior Prestige la creme ingredients



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