Some Hourglass Stuff

In case you didn’t know, Hourglass is now available in Malaysia at Sephora! Well, has been available for the last couple of months. Not all Sephora stores have it, but you can also get it online. I checked the prices, and yes, they are UP there. So while I’m not going to tell you to run and get it, the option is here for you to touch and feel the products before purchasing. If you’re like me, and have had really bad experiences with our local customs (which confiscated lots of my stuff purchased online, shipped from overseas), then this is also another option for you. I compared the prices for all the products available, and most of them are priced at a premium. The cult favourite, the Veil Mineral Primer however, is reasonably priced.






I thought this primer would work best on oily skin so I was a little apprehensive to try it. I have normal to dry skin and some enlarged pores around my nose. This primer smoothed out dry flakes and minimized the appearance of my pores, while making my liquid foundations last longer. It also doesn’t feel thick like the silicone fillers so that’s another bonus. Instead of using this on my entire face, I just use this at the center of my face where I need it.


The powder you see that I hit pan on is Diffused Light, which I purchased when the ambient lighting powders were first launched. So many raves back then, and when I tried it, I wasn’t wowed. I had combination skin, and this powder oxidized on me. Now that I have drier skin, I appreciate this powder more. It gives a finish that is non powdery, and a little glow that is so trendy right now. Diffused Light is the perfect shade for me so I use it to set foundations. I know some use Diffused Light as highlighter, and some use darker shades as bronzers, but I haven’t tried that yet. It’s still not love for me, but I don’t hate it either. When I finish this powder, I wouldn’t be repurchasing though.


Last but not least, the 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner. This product had quite polarizing reviews. You either love it or hate it. When I first tried it, I loved it. It went on beautifully, the blackest of black, transfers pigment onto my lash line with just a touch, no pulling or tugging, stays on my waterline! I use 5 clicks on one eye, so in total 10 clicks. Hourglass did say this eye liner is only good for about 20 uses, but I’m getting more out of it. Maybe because I only use it to tightline (a very thin line at the roots of my lashes), the pencil is still going strong. However, one day, I wore this liner and didn’t finish off with mascara. Somehow, it transferred to my eye bags. I’m guessing, I’m assuming, the pigments, which got onto my lashes transferred there when I blinked. Tried it again without mascara and the same thing happened. Now, I’m conflicted. I was going to purchase the set of 3, but now that I know I can’t use it without mascara, I don’t want to buy it anymore.


What’s your favourite Hourglass product? (The primer and liner were sent for consideration)



xoxo Lily



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