Sunday Stash Shopping #69

I wore this look out this morning, and I managed to take some photos after I got back! So I decided to put it up last minute. Didn’t think I’d write anything today, but that’s how it goes I guess 🙂 I’m wearing my trusty RMK liquid foundation which is still one of the better performing ones. I haven’t tried any of their newer liquid foundations but I like this just fine. On my brows, I’m wearing the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Brow Gel. Guys, this is AWESOME! So much better than the Beverly Hills Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. Couldn’t get that one to work without looking like brow tattoo went wrong, but this, all thumbs up. Looks so natural and it lasts and lasts even after I sweat.

For eye shadows, I just used those eye sticks and smudged them using my ring finger. On my entire mobile lid, I have Burberry Taupe and closer to my lash line I have a By Terry Brown Perfection. After drawing them on, I just smudged everything out until they look blended. I penciled in my brown eyeliner and smudged some more. Then, I finished off with mascara. It’s really quite easy. The trick is however, to keep a tissue handy. Every time after you smudge using your finger, clean it and then smudge again. Best not to smudge your dirty finger everywhere 🙂

On my cheeks I have an old MAC blush (Tenderling) that I’ve been trying to make a dip on. On my lips is Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Rich Nude. I bought this last month, and I think it’s limited edition. It’s a pinky brown that is very wearable. Here is the look.



look1 look2



Hope you’re having a great weekend and I’ll talk more in depth about the brow gel and how I use it in another post.



xoxo Lily



  • You look lovely! And yes-need to hear about the brow gel. I’m intrigued!

    • Lily

      I’m scheduling the post for next week. Been so busy, I’m trying to cram in a few posts so I can spread them out.

  • Effie Wong

    Great look! Very natural, I have a question for the Bobbi Brown Grow Gel, which shade are you using? We have the same coloring and would love to try the BB brow gel. Also – what kind of brush are you using for it? Thanks!

    • Lily

      Hi Effie, I’ll be writing a review for the brow gel next week. I use a mixture of Grey and Mahogany and in this photo particularly, I used Grey. Grey is very natural while Mahogany adds more definition without being too made up. I use Bobbi Brown’s brow brush because that’s the trick I think! I used other angled brushes, and they were totally useless especially when the brush just started clumping. The Bobbi Brown one is perfect.

  • You used your fingers to smudged that eye makeup? It looks like you spent hours on it! I am terrible with eye makeup, a little better these days as I’m practising almost everyday but still have ways to go to get the perfect eye makeup like you did here. You make it looks and sounds so easy.

    • Lily

      I thought it’s easy, but I guess it takes practice and lots of trial and error 🙂

  • Emma Bovary

    Such a good classic look, love that eye look on you

    • Lily

      Thank you Emma!

  • I like this! Very subdued and lovely. I like lip colors like that in theory, but they always look terrible on me.

    • Lily

      LOL Larie. It’s always trial and error for me. If it’s too pink, I’ll just add some beige on top. If it’s too warm, I’ll top with pink 🙂