Diorshow Mono Lustrous Smoky Saturated Pigment Smoky Eyeshadow in 684 Reflection

Fall makeup is here. Photo below is a sneak peek of the Dior Fall Skyline 2016 collection which I will be talking about soon. There are also a few new single eye shadows launched in conjunction with the Fall release, and I have one of them. It is the Diorshow Mono Lustrous Smoky Saturated Pigment Smoky Eyeshadow in Reflection (RM125). Can the name be any longer? It is a metallic glittery eye shadow with a brown base and silvery glitters.



Dior Fall Dior Reflections



The eye shadow itself doesn’t feel like powder. To my fingers, it feels a little wet, but it isn’t. I want to liken this to the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense eye shadows but this is pressed much harder into the pan. I find that with a brush, I get a sheerer application and when applied with my fingers, I get opaque coverage. Do bear in mind I have lighter skin and colors tend to show up easily on me. I created a look for you, and I used Reflection as the main lid color. With the other eye shadows in my custom Unii palette, I highlighted my brow bones with Chamomile, and smoothed out the edges with Modelette. I also used Brun to smudge my lower lashline. Notice how much more pigmented the Dior eye shadow is compared to the MAC ones in the swatch below?



eye product swatch face products



The rest of the products used are shown in pictures above. Here is how Reflection looks on me. As you can see, the silver glitters are very pronounced. They don’t feel gritty at all and apply smoothly, but I do notice some glitters on the tops of my cheeks after a few hours. It doesn’t bother me, since they’re just silver glitters, but you might want to take note for other shades which might have deeper colored glitters. I think this shade is great for a night out, and can be easily glammed up with some false lashes. Just imagine the bling when you blink 😉 However, if you don’t like glitters in your eye shadow, then stay far away from this. Notice I didn’t use the word shimmery, which in my book, describes subtle shine and very fine glitters. Reflection is a bling fest – which is why I kept the rest of my makeup quite matte and understated.

Without a primer, this eye shadow lasted on me for 5 hours before the glitters started moving around my crease. It doesn’t form an unsightly line, but I can tell where the fold of my eyes is. This eye shadow achieved its purpose of giving you a dramatic smoky eye, with added bling. Without the glitters, it would just be another warm brown eye shadow. That said, I don’t mind that either. It’ll be more wearable for sure, but that’s not what this eye shadow is about.



look1 nails Dior Obscure



Also, can I just say how much I love the new nail color in Obscure (RM93)? It’s a very deep brown which can be mistaken for a black, but it screams Fall and sophistication! I hope you liked this look I created. If you don’t have this eye shadow, you can always recreated it with a warm brown shadow, and pat on some shimmery eye shadow or some silver glitter on top. I wore it again to a dinner out the other day, and received many compliments about my eye makeup. Little did they know, it was just one eye shadow and false lashes!

Dior Fall Skyline 2016 will be available in August 2016 nationwide.



xoxo Lily



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