Empties and Random Stuff

Bye bye July and hello August! It’s my birthday soon, and at the time of writing, I don’t know what I want to do that day. I mean, it’s just another day, really, and I’m surrounded by loved ones every day. What can make that one day more special? OK, cake. A good cake and maybe I’ll make it my cheat day – a day I can eat whatever I want. OMG I think I just put on 2 kgs just thinking about it. Hahahaha! In case you didn’t know, I’m on a cutting mission and have been more strict with my nutrition. It’s been going well, and I don’t want to bust it unnecessarily 🙂 Maybe I’ll tell you more about what I ate after the 4th. LOL!

I missed putting up an empties post last month because I was slack, but here they are. Not very impressive, but I’m happy about it. Used up everything here, and the brushes are to throw. They’re so scratchy, they hurt my eyes. I already threw away a few other brushes and didn’t even bother to take a photo of them. LOL!






In this post, I’d like to make a note that I don’t like the Alpha H Liquid Gold. It stung so bad. Definitely not for me. My skin got a little red too. It’s a product that got lots of raves, but gosh, my skin hated it. Also, this Sephora brush. It’s hard and scratchy, and I don’t get the shape. Just… *sigh* Why? I have noticed many brushes with this kind of curved shape. Some are curved like an L shape, even. What the heck is it for? To fit to the contours of the face? Brushes are soft enough to bend to our contours of the face. Trying to be innovative? Just, don’t. These 2 products are sent to me by the way.



keep and chuck



However, there have been some good cheapo finds. I love these blue sponges so much. Usually professional facial salons use this to clean the clients’ face. I bought 7 of these for only RM15 (less than USD4) or something like that. The sponge is soft and smooth and THICK. I usually damp it with hot water before removing the cleanser off my face. Works wonders and so comfy. This Naruko cleanser is good too. It’s like a clay cleanser that can also double as a face mask. I like to apply it on my face, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off. Face feels so clean without feeling dry. I use this on alternate mornings. I picked it up on a whim because I was curious.

How’s your July been? Any good finds?



xoxo Lily