My Night Time Routine

I’ve been wanting to write about this for ages. I took the photos last month when I told you about my day time skincare routine, but didn’t get to post it. Yesterday, I told you how I cool down my face during the day, and today, let me tell you how I wind down and call it a night. As usual, I’d cleanse my face, by removing makeup, followed with one of my favourite cleansers. Then, I’d mist my face using the Dior One Essential Mist Lotion* (I’ll tell you about it tomorrow), followed with this CosRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence. I bought this from Hermo (a local online site) and have been using it every night for the last few months. It hydrates my face nicely, and is supposed to even out my skin tone too. Then, I’d either use my staple Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum or this Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum* before my treatment serums.






I bought these 2 Deciem treatment serums when there was 20% off, and I’ve been really loving the C25 Vitamin C Booster. The White RX Activated Serum is OK. I don’t see anything drastic, but it does help speed up the healing process of my pimple marks, especially when paired with the Vitamin C. I use 4 drops each serum, one after another, instead of mixing them together. After these treatments, I’d apply my moisturizer. I’ve been rotating between 2 Dior moisturizers. One is the very luxurious Dior Prestige* and the other the Capture Totale* moisturizer which I still love very much. Of course, I always apply my eye cream. I bought 2 new eye creams lately, and I’ll tell you all about it in another post.



face oils



Depending on how my skin feels, I’d end my skincare routine with a face oil. The La Mer Renewal Oil* is great to seal in all the goodness and I use it after my moisturizer. Sometimes, I’d add 2 drops to my moisturizer and sometimes, I’d just use one full pump on its own. I purchased the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil last month, in the Cult Beauty box, and this is a deluxe sample size. I prefer this size, because it takes forever for me to use up a face oil. When I use this oil, I skip my treatment serums. I’d mist, use essence and the ANR serum, then this oil on top of a moisturizer. That’s because this is already a retinol treatment, and I prefer to have this as the only active in my routine. It doesn’t break me out, and I notice that my pores look smaller the next morning. I think to see obvious results, I’d have to use it nightly for a month or two, but I’ve only been using this on alternate nights.



deep sleep



Lastly, before bed, I’d apply my Erborian hand cream* and spray my bed and pillow with This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray*. I love how it smells. It relaxes my body and I feel like I have deeper sleep for sure. I close my eyes and when I open them, voila, it’s 6am! Well, that’s if the baby sleeps well too, of course. I have a 10% discount code at Sephora and I’ll be using it to repurchase the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 🙂

That, my friends, is my night time routine. Sometimes, I’d throw in a mask, omit a few things, and even add other things, or change it up altogether, but that’s the gist of it. Products may vary, but the steps are there. What’s yours like?



xoxo Lily



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  • That pillow spray sounds interesting! I wonder if it’s here? Must look. I didn’t notice anything with the Luna Oil, at least it sort of works for you. I love the Deciem Vitamin C too, it’s so good and so affordable!

    • Lily

      I like the Deciem Vit C better than the White RX I think. But the combination of them 2 gave me some results. My skin does look more even toned, but I believe it’s from the effects of all skincare combined 🙂 The spray is lovely! If you have trouble sleeping, maybe this will relax you.

  • hhhmm I’ve never used a pillow spray. Do you think I should try one? 🙂

    • Lily

      Do you have trouble sleeping? Actually, I don’t really have insomnia but sometimes, I have trouble falling asleep. I find this helps me fall asleep faster too.

  • First of all, good to see you back! Secondly, wow, what a good range of products, Lily. I have my eyes on the Luna oil but the price is so mahal, I think it’s about CAD$145 before tax but you’re right, facial oil would last forever so it’ll be a good investment. I am a chronic insomniac and currently am taking medication to help me sleep, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and have been thinking of purchasing the Deep Sleep spray. Good to know that it helps you to get deeper sleep, maybe it’ll help me too.

    • Lily

      Thanks Shireen! I just scheduled a few posts at once, then went off my computer again. LOL! I’m trying to schedule a few more posts so I can be lazy again. Hahaha. I’m noticing a trend. I wonder if there’ll be a day I just stop writing completely.

  • That Vitamin C serum broke me out. The White Rx – I agree, it’s ok, but not fabulous. And if I use it too often it makes my face red and dry/itchy, so I have to use it every other night only. I have some NUXE that I like, but otherwise, I haven’t really found favorite night products. I can’t remember what I used to use that I liked, LOL. Too fickle.

    • Lily

      Haha I’m fickle too. Too bad the Vitamin C serum broke you out 🙁 I hope you can give it to someone who will get good use out of it. Maybe S can use it?

  • A full pump of the la mer oil!!!! wow….. those serums sound great i need to lighten some acne scars too!

    • Lily

      Yes, one full pump of the oil as a mask of sorts. The serum combo has been great for my skin. Marks definitely fade faster 🙂