Review: Estee Lauder Micro Essence Aquaceutical Mist

I know. I’ve been MIA for 2 weeks, without notice. Truth be told, I didn’t plan it. Life with 3 kids just got in the way. I do have a few things I want to tell you about, and they’re mostly skincare. So this week that I’m back, I want it to be all about things good for the skin. We all know that good skin trumps all makeup. I have 2 mists to introduce to you, but I want to first tell you about my trusty Estee Lauder. You guys know their Advanced Night Repair serum is my staple – has been for many years, and still is. I also love their Micro Essence to go with the ANR repair for the added oomph and softness, and guess what – the Micro Essence is now in the form of a face mist (RM235)!



120716 ANR mist



This essence-in-mist keeps my skin calm and hydrated throughout the day. When my skin feels really hot and flushed, a couple of spritzes will cool down my skin while giving it a drink of moisture. Here where I live, it’s really hot in the day, and most places are air conditioned. So day in day out, my skin is exposed to extreme heat and humidity, and also cool and dry offices / malls. OK, even my room is air conditioned. Not to mention the fact that once I get in the car, I’d turn on the a/c full blast to cool down the car. A good trick I have is to spray the car surface with water (example dashboard, steering wheel etc) and it’ll help cool it down in an instant! These are actually termed “micro-climates” and the constant change can lead to dehydration, irritation, dullness. Not to mention that my skin gets hot very easily, and it’ll turn red and blotchy!

The mist comes out very fine and soft, so you don’t have to spray from too far away. The mist stays on the skin for a while, instead of evaporating rather quickly, so I like to tap in the essence into my skin. I like to use this throughout the day instead of during skincare, or on top of makeup. I have other mists to do that. This mist is packaged in a lightweight bottle, so keeping it in my handbag does not add the weight of a brick. I have a feeling this is Asia exclusive, but if you guys have it in the West, do let me know.

I am also intrigued with the new Advanced Night Micro cleansing foam and balm. Have you guys tried that? Any good?



xoxo Lily



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