Sunday Stash Shopping #71: Custom Palette for Frequent Use

I bought a few Unii palettes a few years back, when I was crazy about depotting stuff. In the end, I threw away more than half the things I depotted. Lesson learned? Do not depot. At least that way, I could give them away to friends and family. Anyway, the makeup I threw away were old and didn’t get much love. With the empty palette I still have, I decided to throw in some depotted stuff I still have, that I WANT to use regularly. Or try to anyway. Before deciding whether to keep or bin.



every day palette



You see some MAC eye shadows I still have, and a MAC powder blush I quite like. There’s an old Dior quint at the corner too. The colors are quite in trend, reddish browns, and peach and the quality is something I’ve been missing. Lately, Dior quints have been disappointing, but I recently got to try their Fall palette, and it reignited my love for them. Anyway…



MAC names



I find that I’ve been using the MAC shadows more frequently. Chamomile is used as brow highlight (there’s a significant dip in it now) and at the time of writing, I already threw away Coquette. It got really hard and it lacked pigmentation. I already replaced it with Brun which I sometimes use to fill in my brows. Modelette is a great transition shade so I’ve been using that a lot too. Tenderling is a blush I used to love, and I’ve been using it quite regularly. I’ve been keeping this palette on my vanity so that I’ll remember to reach for it. However, it’s been 2 months already, so I might change things up a little.

Here’s a look I created using the MAC products.






Erm, I forgot to apply mascara. Oh well. And it’s been a while since I took some FOTD shots so I felt awkward. Hope your weekend is fun and relaxing at the same time!



xoxo Lily



  • Soooo pretty! I love the idea of keeping a custom palette of things you want to use!

    • Lily

      Thank you! The custom palette is great for me especially in the mornings when I don’t want to think what to use. Now that I think about it, I have to change it out soon.

  • That Dior quint is lovely. Brun and tempting are my fab MAC eyeshadows too. Love your look Lily 😊

    • Lily

      Thank you Eesha!

  • Love the look Lily-it’s classic and pretty. And I love your lipstick too! I wish I could get into Dior quints, but I just can’t. They’re so disappointing and so $$$ here now.

    • Lily

      Thanks Tracy. I used to buy so many Dior quints! But yes they got very pricey here too. Their latest Fall palette is really nice, but very $$$ 🙁

  • My goal is the get the perfect gradient like your eye makeup, I’m slightly better with eyeshadow application but it still get muddy sometimes. I never depot any of my makeup, I know many who does it but I find it easier for me to reach for palettes.

    • Lily

      I learned it the hard way. I got a little crazy with the depotting a while back. And eye makeup? It’s all about the blending brush and building it up slowly. I don’t like slapping on too much color at once.