A Tag on Food. Noms!

Larie talked all about food recently, and if you know me, I love my food too. Please go check out her post, because I took all the questions from her! So without much further ado, here are the questions.


1. What is your go-to meal for celebrations? Or do you always choose something new/different?

We tend to go to different places to try different foods, unless it involves my in laws. Then, it’ll be this posh Chinese restaurant we always go to. The common things we order will be big ass prawns, steamed fish, sea cucumber and abalone in claypot, roast pig and not forgetting sweet and sour pork for the kids.

2. What was your favorite childhood meal?

This is a tough question. My mom cooks really well and she tends to cook Hakka dishes. There was this particular dish that she made for us because it’s easy for kids to eat. It’s a steamed pork dish with salted eggs. She’d then mix it in with rice and feed us. It was the best rice ever.

3. What is something you hated as a kid, but have grown to love?

Ginger. I would spit out every single slice of ginger, but now I LOVE it!

4. And, the opposite – something you loved as a kid, but can no longer handle?

I think it would be hard candy. I just don’t like hard candy anymore. Not even orange Tic Tacs which I loved.

5. Something you still hate with a passion?

Hhmmm… I don’t think I HATE it, but I just can’t stomach it. Bittergourd. I just can’t. Celery. For some reason, they just stink worse than cockroaches!

6. What’s a food that you love, but most people you know hate?

This is tough. I really can’t think of any. Maybe Korean food. I love it, but my family doesn’t like it. I have to eat it with friends, or I’d have to cook – for one.

7. And because opposites are fun – something you hate, but most other people love?

Fatty pork belly. Everyone here loves the mixture of fat and lean meat in their char siu, or in their roast pork, but I’d be the only one looking for the lean meat only. The fatty bits make me sick. I just don’t like the texture. Makes me gag for some reason!

8. Favorite ice cream flavor/brand?

Baskin Robbins Jamocan Almond Fudge. Mmmmm.

9. Favorite kind of cheese?

I’m not sophisticated when it comes to cheese. Just no soft cheese. Heh!

10. Happy hour! What do you order?

I erm, don’t really drink. I’m boring like that. I occasionally drink some¬†wine, and I’d reach for Moscato.

11. What’s your favorite meal to make?

I usually bake but if I have to cook, I like baked pasta because it’s a family fave. Spiral pasta with tomato sauce and sausages, onions, carrots and lots of cheese (a mix of mozzarella and aged cheddar), baked until it’s brown. Yum!

12. Fruit pie, or cream pie?

I’m not a fan of pies. Can I choose cakes instead?

13. If you have a cold, what is your comfort food?

Hot and spicy curry noodles. Nothing else!

14. Bad day – what do you reach for?

I think when I’m stressed, I tend to eat chocolates. So I try not to keep any at home and just hit the gym and sweat it out.

15. On the average, are you a sweet or savory breakfast food person?

Savory for sure. I don’t eat that much sweets in general anyway. I live in a city which is famous for its foods, especially dim sum. Then again, there are other foods we eat for breakfast here which you guys in the Western world think weird. We eat noodles, sometimes even rice like bak kut teh (herbal soup with ribs).

16. Favorite food-related show?

I just don’t have the time for TV anymore. If I had the time, then it’s whatever that’s showing at that time.

17. When eating out, do you save room for dessert?

It’s not a habit for us, so we don’t really think about it. If we’re in a Chinese restaurant, they usually serve fruits after dinner. If we’re talking about cakes and ice creams and stuff, we have to make it a point to go to a place that serves these desserts.

18. Favorite vegetarian meal?

Erm, just blanched vegetables? That, or cold soft tofu with garlic oil and soy sauce on top.

19. Favorite season for food?

I didn’t think there’s a season for food. The big reason is because I live in Malaysia, and it’s just hot and humid all year round. There isn’t a particular season for food, but fruits, yes. I love it when we get cherries (imported of course, because our local weather just doesn’t permit the growth). Expensive, but I LOVE! Oh, and durian season. Durian is an acquired taste for sure and if it isn’t so high in calorie, I’d make it my meal 3 times a day! Speaking of durians, I can’t miss out mangoesteen. They go hand in hand.

20. If you could only eat one type of cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be? (we threw this around as an icebreaker at a group lunch, once. It’s a horrible, horrible question!)

Without a doubt, Chinese food. There is so much variety in Chinese food. There’s Hainanese, Hakka, Hokkien, Szechuan, Cantonese food. So much to choose from, and I know I won’t be bored at all.

21. Restaurant on your wishlist:

I um, don’t eat out that often so I never had any restaurant on my wishlist. Ever >_<

22. Favorite restaurant?

Same as above. I don’t eat out often to have a favorite. Heh. Boooooooring, I know.

23. What city would you want to visit just for the food?

I live in a city where people actually COME for food. But can I name a country instead? I want to visit South Korea. Not for cheaper sheet masks or skincare or what not. It’s for the nomz!

24. Do you make a treat every holiday season? What is it?

For me, it is Chinese New Year. I always make pineapple tarts from scratch. It’s super expensive to buy. And the store bought ones just don’t measure up to homemade pineapple tarts. A lot of work is involved, especially when I work alone, but it’s just once a year. I don’t mind.

25. You’re in Target, and can’t resist picking up this candy at the checkout line:

Refer to number 4. I don’t eat much candy anymore. But if I had to choose, I think I’d go for chocolates for sure.


So there you go. All the Q&A on food! Now your turn. What food turns you on?



xoxo Lily