Burberry Full Kisses English Rose, Rosewood and Oxblood

I bought these from Sephora. I saw these on sale at Burberry’s website, but they didn’t ship to Malaysia. So when I saw these available online at Sephora, I grabbed a few of them when I had the 10% discount voucher. I bought these sight unseen, but I’m very happy with the shades I picked. I wanted English Rose for an understated pink, Rosewood for a little more rosy blush on the lips, and Oxblood, a deep red with brown undertones. I’ve wanted it forever and this seems to be the exact formula I wanted.



Burberry Full Kisses Oxblood English Rose Rosewood



They are like the fatter version of the eye colour contour sticks I love. The lipsticks are creamy and emolient, with a little shine to boot. They are very easy to wear, Oxblood an exception. It’s common for darker shades but because this lipstick is creamy, it’s a little difficult to get the edges neat. A lip liner is needed for the job. All the shades apply beautifully without settling in lip lines. None of these 3 were patchy either. They are not especially moisturizing, but they do not dry out my lips.






I find that I need to be careful when applying these lipsticks because they are on the soft side. I can’t press the lipstick hard or the bullet will get a little mushed. Maybe it’s the hot weather here, but my room is nice and cool so that shouldn’t be the case. Either way, here is how they look on me.



English Rose Rosewood Oxblood



Have you tried these full kisses? Also, can I shout THESE LIPSTICKS DON’T STINK???!!!! They are unscented. Hallelujah!!! They are priced at RM100 online. Ah, by the way, the eye colour contour pens are reduced in price, to RM115 instead of RM143 which I complained a while back. Maybe it’s time to pick up some? I love these eye pens!! **not affiliated or sponsored, I just really love them**



xoxo Lily




  • I have one of these! I can’t remember what colour though lol! But I love it too! But dang you Lily-now you’ve made me want MORE hahaha! But new NARS Audacious are coming!! I think I have a lipstick problem HAHAHAHA! They all look lovely on you, especially Oxblood-WOOO BABY you is SHMEXXXXXXXY in that one!

    • Lily

      Ah, NARS is quite far away from me, and I can’t get them online here. I think we both have a lipstick problem, Tracy. And blush problem 😉 I love oxblood too! I wish it’s a color I can wear day in day out. I can’t wear it if I go see my parents though. They’d ask me why I wear such a dark lip color that makes me look old. WTF right? HAHAHAHA! It’s funny.

  • I didn’t really like English Rose in the swatch but it looks beautiful and fresh on you!

    • Lily

      It’s a colour that looks better with makeup on. I imagine it would look nice with a dark smokey eye too! I’ll try that the next time I have a night out 🙂

    • I thought the same thing! Wasn’t impressed with the swatch but on her it’s stunning!

  • I thought English Rose would be too light and I wasn’t a fan of it when I saw the swatch but when I saw it on you, it’s so pretty! And wow, that’s a huge reduction in price, are they discontinuing these?

    • Lily

      The lipsticks are new but for the eye shadow sticks, it’s probably to streamline the price with Burberry’s website. I’m just throwing a wild guess. Sephora jacked up the price previously but it’s good to know they reduced it.

  • Oh they are so pretty! Love English Rose and Rosewood.

    • Lily

      Thanks 🙂

  • Ooohhh Rosewood looks so pretty!!! I have Cherry Blossom and love it! The problem is I have way too many to go through.. i really shouldn’t buy anymore!!

    • Lily

      Yes, same problem 🙂

  • Liz

    Haha, I’m here to admire Oxblood on you again. HOTNESS.

    • Lily

      Liz!!! I missed you. And Oxblood is gorgeous 🙂

  • I love all three colours on you! I’m also a fan of the eye pens, I still only have one but I bet this autumn I wont resist a couple more…

    • Lily

      Thank you! The eye pens are lovely! I have been using Almond a lot, and I hope it’s not drying out on me. It feels a little drier than usual, so that makes me use it even more frequently 😀

      • Oh dear, I’ll check mine to see if its dryer next week when I’m back in Bcn.

        • Lily

          I wonder maybe it’s just Almond because it’s matte. Either way, I hope it doesn’t dry up completely too soon. I wouldn’t be happy about that!

  • These are all really pretty! But yes…OXBLOOD.

    And I’m glad they don’t stink. Burberry lipsticks smelled THE WORST for a really long time. Like, who greenlit that smell???

    • Lily

      Maybe someone who really missed their grandma? LOL LOL!
      I’m really happy these are scentless. Comfortable too!