Some NARS Stuff

Hey guys, this is a long overdue post. I meant to write about this erm, many moons ago. I bought these on my trip to Penang in March and I have been enjoying them once in a while. It was the first time I visited the NARS store at Gurney Plaza, and a pretty lady called J’vy served me. She was full of smiles and was very helpful. It’s the first time in a long time I encountered a non condescending SA who genuinely wanted to help. After I left for home, I even received an SMS from her to ask if everything was OK. I never went back there, since I hardly leave my hometown nowadays, but I received a Happy Birthday message from her. Whatever you’re doing NARS, she’s definitely doing right by you 🙂






The main thing I wanted to get was Charlotte. It’s sold out most of the time, so I guess I must have been lucky. I got rid of my Burberry Lip Velvets because the scent puts me off using them, and Charlotte looks close enough to the colours I lost. Then an eye shadow duo caught my eye. It’s an oldie called Isolde. They are 2 golden shades, with one looking like rose gold, and the other reddened rusty gold. I love both and the texture is beautiful too.



Isolde swatches



I replenished the eye primer which I used up, and I got the right shade of concealer which is in Vanilla. I’m not going to talk about the concealer or the eye primer, because I have reviewed them before. Here’s how they look on me. The reddened gold on the lids and the rose gold on my lower lash line.



look2 look1



After I took these photos, I wanted to go out so I removed the lipstick and replaced it with Urban Decay’s Ex Girlfriend. It’s the perfect day time lipstick for me with the right amount of pink and beige. Here’s how it looks.






So there you go. A short post for today. Hope you enjoyed it!



xoxo Lily