Sunday Stash Shopping #72: Dior Fall 2016 Skyline

I gave you the swatches in the last post, and today I’ll show you how I wear it. I did the looks in the afternoon, and it turned out, I couldn’t get good photos using natural sunlight at 3pm. I suppose if I spent more time setting up, I might get more decent photos, but really – who has the time, when I only have max 30 minutes to play before the toddler starts to scream for my attention? So I took the photos in front of my vanity instead. That’s why the lighting looks different. And that’s also another reason I want to set up more LEDs to make my vanity brighter. For cases like this when I want to take photos.






Most of the time, when I play with an eye palette at home, I try one look on one eye. That way, I get 2 looks! Saves time. I realized it was difficult to get a clear picture if I just held on to the camera, so I had to set up the tripod and use the remote. That way, I could slow down the shutter speed for brighter photos, and also, camera won’t be shaking.






The downside of taking photos here however, is my toddler will be playing near me. He’s now tall enough to reach for things, and OMG, if only you knew how many times I was distracted. As I was clicking the remote, the boy decided to tip toe and grab my eye palette!!!






It was a total emergency trying not to trip over the tripod AND save the eye palette. I had to turn on the cartoon to distract him but I managed to snap a few more photos before he came running to me calling MOOOMMMMYYY!






This lipstick is gorgeous though. It’s a sheer red that’s super comfy. I didn’t think it would go with the purple on my eyes, but it didn’t clash as badly as I thought it would. Oh oops, my lipstick is at the edge of the table and the boy is running over. HAHAHA it’s a race trying to push everything away from his reach. It’s crazy! Lastly, here’s a photo Ashton snapped of me. I let him press the remote (and he clicked MANY times!), and I thought this is a nice one. As he was pressing the remote, he was imitating the sound of the camera clicking, and chuckling at the same time. It was hilarious!






Hope your weekend is fun! And that this post is something different even though I’m featuring a “look”.



xoxo Lily




  • Hey maybe Ashton will soon be your photographer, looks like he could have talent! hehe
    I do like how that lipstick looks!

    • Lily

      He just wants to do what I’m doing. He’s at that age when he imitates everything. Lol

  • Great looks! Especially love the last photo, sometimes just have to smile and laugh when can’t get things done cuz of the kid hehe

    • Lily

      I can hardly get anything done nowadays. I need to sit down after he sleeps and spend hours scheduling a few posts. That’s because I don’t know when I’d get that another opportunity again. Lol!

  • Haha! I can totally relate to your little one grabbing for stuff, mine is the same now! And his hands are super fast too. LOL! I love that you created different look on each eye, now that’s genius and saves tons of time.

    • Lily

      The kid is so fast! He can destroy many things in a blink of an eye. Lol! I can only imagine things getting more difficult as he gets taller. He can reach for everything!

  • Beauty blogging + kids = not an easy combo, apparently, haha 🙂 Great eye looks though!

    • Lily

      Not a great combo at all. And I’m not that motivated or driven to sit down every night to edit photos and write. It’s so tiring! I just want to sleep. And that explains the sporadic posts.

  • HAHAHAHA omg I loved reading this!! I was laughing the whole time imagining Ashton running around and distracting you! LOVE!

    • Lily

      That’s my every day life! I can’t do MY things because he’d want in. Oh mommy, you’re spraying your face with face mist? I want it too! I gave in once and it was a huge mistake. He wants it every time now. Then he’d pat his face. Just like me. Lol! I need to try to video him to show you.

  • I LOVED reading this post, Lily!!!! So much fun!!! And hahaha, 2 different eye looks at the same time! I should definitely try that next time. Hope you managed to save everything from the boys!

    • Lily

      Thanks Linda. Yes, saved everything. He couldn’t beat me! I think my reflexes improved from taking care of these kids. Hahaha!