Very Affordable Finds: Catrice Eye Shadows

I first heard of Catrice a few years ago from my European blogger friends. Unfortunately, they stopped blogging so I can’t even link them. (I miss you Teri and Sunny!) I remember all their raves, saying how affordable they are without skimping on quality. Then, I found out about these eye shadows from Paris and I had to go get a few for myself.



Catrice Deluxe Trio Eyeshadow 010 Antique



These are what I picked up initially, and those velvet matte eye shadows are fab! I picked up this eye shadow trio because I liked the colour combination but they are much sheerer than the beautiful buttery and pigmented velvet mattes. You can see from the swatch below. The Deluxe Trio eye shadows are a little powdery and I find that they apply better using a wet brush. That did put me off a little because I’m just too lazy to do that extra step but for an understated sheer wash of colour, this does the job.



first swatch



After buying the 2 velvet mattes, I couldn’t resist getting more! So a week later, I ended up with this lot.



Catrice Velvet Matte Catrice Velvet Matte 010 030 040 070 swatches



The swatches above are done with my fingers, on dry skin – 1 pass only, would you believe! It applies as pigmented on the eyes, so I have to be extra careful with the darker shades. However, when I blend them out using a brush, the colours tend to blur out a little too much, making it look quite ashy. I find this experience to be common among pharmacy brands. So, maybe we’re paying a little more for the consistency?

Either way, I don’t why I’m talking about these because I don’t think they’re available anymore. I think some Guardian pharmacies still have them, until they’re all sold out but the velvet mattes are not available at Guardian online anymore. I’m glad I picked these up, 2 for the price of one, which makes them less than RM13 a shadow. I haven’t been to Guardian lately to find out what’s new, but when I have the time, I’d definitely stop by Catrice to see what hidden gems they have.

What drugstore / pharmacy brands do you like? I know many of you like Rimmel, but they pulled out so we don’t get them anymore. If you like Catrice, what recs do you have?



xoxo Lily