Very Affordable Finds: Catrice Eye Shadows

I first heard of Catrice a few years ago from my European blogger friends. Unfortunately, they stopped blogging so I can’t even link them. (I miss you Teri and Sunny!) I remember all their raves, saying how affordable they are without skimping on quality. Then, I found out about these eye shadows from Paris and I had to go get a few for myself.



Catrice Deluxe Trio Eyeshadow 010 Antique



These are what I picked up initially, and those velvet matte eye shadows are fab! I picked up this eye shadow trio because I liked the colour combination but they are much sheerer than the beautiful buttery and pigmented velvet mattes. You can see from the swatch below. The Deluxe Trio eye shadows are a little powdery and I find that they apply better using a wet brush. That did put me off a little because I’m just too lazy to do that extra step but for an understated sheer wash of colour, this does the job.



first swatch



After buying the 2 velvet mattes, I couldn’t resist getting more! So a week later, I ended up with this lot.



Catrice Velvet Matte Catrice Velvet Matte 010 030 040 070 swatches



The swatches above are done with my fingers, on dry skin – 1 pass only, would you believe! It applies as pigmented on the eyes, so I have to be extra careful with the darker shades. However, when I blend them out using a brush, the colours tend to blur out a little too much, making it look quite ashy. I find this experience to be common among pharmacy brands. So, maybe we’re paying a little more for the consistency?

Either way, I don’t why I’m talking about these because I don’t think they’re available anymore. I think some Guardian pharmacies still have them, until they’re all sold out but the velvet mattes are not available at Guardian online anymore. I’m glad I picked these up, 2 for the price of one, which makes them less than RM13 a shadow. I haven’t been to Guardian lately to find out what’s new, but when I have the time, I’d definitely stop by Catrice to see what hidden gems they have.

What drugstore / pharmacy brands do you like? I know many of you like Rimmel, but they pulled out so we don’t get them anymore. If you like Catrice, what recs do you have?



xoxo Lily




  • Good call! Their eyeshadows are amazing! Not all but definitely those Velvet matte ones!

    • Lily

      I wonder if they’re really discontinued though.

  • 040 is so beautiful! Can’t wait to see how you use them!

    • Lily

      This post sat in my draft folder for ages because I haven’t done a FOTD of sorts. LOL! I’ll be sure to use it in one of the stash shopping post in the future 🙂

  • I’ve never tried anything from the brand! When I was in Europe 5 years ago I saw the brand, but didn’t get anything. Opted to get some Kiko instead haha! But I do hear good things about them! The eyeshadows look nice!

    • Lily

      I’ve heard so many good things about Kiko but haven’t tried. I hope they’ll bring it in one day 🙂

  • Canada don’t have Catrice which is a huge shame as I know the brand is pretty good. I saw Catrice was sold in Guardian when I went back in Feb this year, will they continue to be sold there? I love Rimmel but the problem is the only products available in Malaysia were mostly crappy ones and none of the Rimmel best sellers were sold with the exception of Stay Matte pressed powder. It’s not surprised that it wasn’t as popular. 🙁

    • Lily

      I hope they won’t leave. I also think it’s a common problem here that pharmacy brands just sell really crappy things here. I’m sure L’oreal and Revlon have pretty good things but they NEVER reach our shores. I think it’s really a pity, and then I also wonder what the brands are thinking. We also get the old stuff, never the new stuff. We’re like castaways.

  • Yvonne Tay

    Catrice! I think we still have them in Guardian here.. I’ve tried and loved the mascara! Maybe you could give that a go too. I heard their metallic shades are good too, but have yet to venture towards that.

    • Lily

      I’ve heard a lot of good things about Makeup Geek’s products. So many brands, so little time. LOL!
      Ah Catrice’s mascara is good? I’ll have to try it. At the moment, I’m obsessed with Marc Jacobs’ Velvet Noir 🙂