How I Wear The New Dior Rouge 999 Matte and 047 Miss

I owed you guys and here it is. I know a review on lipsticks is incomplete without a lip swatch. Talking about this, what do you find helpful in showing the lipstick’s color? For me, I need at least an arm swatch, and also knowing the person’s foundation shade. Personally, I dislike lip swatches that are taken up close. I can’t tell how it really looks like against the skin. To make matters worse, the white balance is totally off, distorting the color completely. I see a lot of this when I search for swatches online and it bugs me.

I prefer a full faced photo but I also know that there are some bloggers who don’t show their face. For that, perhaps just half a face, nose down, just to show how the lipstick really looks when worn. I don’t mind just an arm swatch if it’s an opaque lipstick that stays true to color. If it’s a sheer lipstick though, it usually looks different when worn. As a blogger myself, I’m guilty of taking just an arm swatch sometimes, due to time restraint, but that’s because as a reader, I’m OK with that. I do try to take another FOTD later to make up for it, like this time.



999 Matte Miss 047



It’s been a while since I took a photo with my hair down. Also, the lipsticks are bright so it ate up whatever blush I had on in the photos. Darn it. It looked OK in real life though. *note to self: must have clown cheeks for FOTDs* Both the lipsticks are very comfortable. Miss 047 has more slip and while 999 is a matte, it is velvety and is anything but dry. It applies without tugging and more importantly, it fades evenly without leaving the hideous lip ring. Both lipsticks do stain your glass, Miss 047 more so than 999 Matte and none of them last through an Asian meal. I am still in love with 999 Matte which instantly gives life to my otherwise tired face.

Also, I AM DISAPPOINTED THE DIOR EXTREMES ARE NOT AVAILABLE HERE!!! It’s only available in a few stores, all in KL which is 250km away from me. I was so excited to try but alas, it’s not meant to be.

So before I go, remember to tell me what you prefer for a lipstick post, ok? And what lip color do you prefer – red or pink?



xoxo Lily



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  • Bellyhead

    999! Or is it 666? I feel like there’s a Goblin telling me I NEED 999! I am just LOVING reds and I love how bright and saturated this looks on you, L! I never buy mattes, because even with a normal non-matte finish lipstick, I often struggle with most pigmented products and making them matte just makes it even more difficult to wear comfortably. But wow, it looks so rich on you. This is worth a looksee at the Dior counter, at the very least.

    I like closeup lip swatches (without the rest of face), just so I can see the texture and finish. But getting a sense of overall color, I much prefer a full face shot. Not everyone does those, but that’s what I prefer.

    • Lily

      Thank you Belly. I love that 999 doesn’t feel like a matte, but it looks great on. It’s so easy to apply too and that’s what I love about it. I usually need a lip liner to outline my lips before filling it in with the lipstick, but I can just apply 999 from the bullet and get a clean crisp finish.
      Ah, so closeup lip swatches are for texture and finish. It never occurred to me (duh!) but in general, a full face shot trumps all 🙂

  • Liz

    You look so beautiful in both! Come over and do my makeup please. 😀

    • Lily

      Hahaha! I love volunteers that let me play with their face 😀

  • My blusher often goes poof! in pictures too and I hate piling it on because I usually have to go out in the day and I look like a mad woman. I am with you on lipstick swatch, I prefer if I can see the lipstick on the blogger even if it’s just bottom half of the face.

    • Lily

      I usually remove most of the makeup before I go out. If you can see the colors in the photos, I’d look crazy in real life. Hahaha!

  • Everytime I see a beautiful fuchsia lipstick like this, I blank out and think “Oh, I don’t have that!”. You know the truth, though. I haven’t looked at Dior makeup for a while, but this season they made me look and almost open my wallet (then my computer crashed so I took that as a divine intervention and stopped).

    I couldn’t agree more with you on swatches. You and I have similar colorings and your swatches and look posts always help tons! 🙂

    • Lily

      Oh, do you know of someone else who have similar colorings? I can’t seem to find them! Would love some recs, Lena 🙂

  • YES TO FULL FACE! I prefer that as well. So many big bloggers just show swatches-heck I’ve even seen posts where they just take pics of the lipsticks and that’s IT. HOW is that helpful? Both of these look so pretty on you!

    • Lily

      Thanks Tracy. Yes I’ve seen some blogs with no swatches at all. Why bother right?