The New Dior Rouge

** Warning: I ramble a lot in this post ** 


Dior reformulated, revamped and relaunched their Dior Rouge (RM125) yesterday. If you knew me, you’d already guess that I love my Dior lipsticks. In this new launch of Dior Rouge, you’ll find some new shades, but to me, the most exciting news is that instead of their usual satin texture, they are introducing matte lipsticks. There are 4 color families in this lipstick range – nudes, pinks, corals and reds. Each family has their own matte shades. The iconic Dior red, shade 999 now comes in matte texture, and I LOVE it so much more than the regular 999.



Rouge Dior 2016



I also want to mention that the inside of the lipstick cap is now red. It is a subtle change, but to those who are very familiar with Dior Rouge, you’d notice. I find this change very sexy and classy. I noticed it when I took the photos, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Here I have 999 Matte and a pink 047 Miss. 999 Matte pulls a little warm, like a tomato red. The matte is not drying on my lips but it is very comfortable. I wonder if I could call it a semi matte because it looks more velvety than matte. This new texture makes this shade so much sexier, in my opinion. It is easier to wear because it doesn’t slip and I can wear it without a lip liner. I really love the 999 Matte. I keep very few bright reds in my collection, because I’m selective of the reds I wear, but this is already in my treasured red lipstick stash. I have tried quite a few matte lipsticks and I dare say this is the most comfortable one.

Many of you would be familiar with Urban Decay lipsticks, and their new Vice lipsticks have matte ones too. Here, they are only RM70 and there are many shades for you to choose from. I picked up a comfort matte, and it is not comfortable at all. I need a lip balm under or I’d feel like I didn’t drink any water for 2 days. Now, after using it twice, I don’t feel like wearing it anymore. It’s just uncomfortable. So, my point is, in this case, even though Dior costs RM125, I would happily pay for it because it is a matte I love, and most importantly, one I would reach for. Then again, if you don’t suffer from a 5-dollar matte lipstick, I don’t see why you have to pay more for a Dior. Right?

(ps I know MORE of you guys are familiar with MAC lipsticks but I HATE them. They suck out all moisture from my lips mercilessly, and emphasize lip lines I didn’t even know I had!)



Rouge Dior 999 Matte Rouge Dior 047 Miss Rouge Dior swatch



047 Miss looks like your regular understated pink in the bullet, but once you apply it, it turns into a semi-bright fuchsia with subtle flashes of violet. I don’t think blue pinks like this look good on me, but I like that this is not those in-your-face neon pinks that some companies come up with. When I wear it, I like to downplay the brightness further by smudging it with my finger. It becomes a very wearable pink. 047 Miss glides on the lips smoothly and the sheen from the lipstick makes my lips look fuller than they are. The slip in the lipstick makes it very comfortable, no different from the previous generations of the Dior Rouge that I’ve always loved.

I took a few photos of me wearing the lipsticks but when I reviewed the photos, I found them to be out of focus. I missed it completely when I was reviewing the photos on the camera. And I made a mistake of only taking a handful of photos, so I don’t have anything else to fall back on. Darn it. This is why some bloggers take hundreds of photos! I promised I’ll be back with the photos of me wearing these lipsticks. Arm swatches don’t tell how lipsticks look, I know. I could have published this post later, but I’m quite excited about the matte shades (if you couldn’t tell already!) so I wanted to tell you as soon as I could.

Here are the rest of the Dior Rouge. You might have already seen this promo picture. My eyes immediately geared toward some really interesting shades like matte purple, grey and black. So unlike Dior but I love it! I can’t wait to have the time to go to the Dior counter to play with these shades. I know I won’t wear them regularly and really don’t need to OWN these shades, but it will be fun to try 🙂 I wish I had girl friends here who are game enough to try these colors with me.



2016 Rouge Dior PR visual



The Dior Rouge 2016 launched worldwide just yesterday 1 September so you should be able to play with these anywhere you are. What shades are you going to play with first?

Edited: Here’s the post on how they wear on me



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