Fitness Check In #9: Progress

Remember I talked about my struggle with food in the last post? Thanks to all your comments and encouragement, I sucked it up, counted my calories, tracked my macros and logged into My Fitness Pal every day since July. Took me a couple of months after I wrote the post to finally commit to it, and it was the best decision I made. I also logged in my daily weight, just to see how I react to foods, and I realized I could gain 2kg a day, and lose it all in the next 3 days. That usually happens when it’s the time of the month, and when I ate too much carbs. I’m carb sensitive, which means I retain a lot of water when I have too much. The daily weigh in also made me understand my body much better, and because of that, the number on the scale doesn’t freak me out anymore.



My fitness journey chloeash



What I do to track my progress is to take photos every month. I’ve been shrinking, that’s for sure, and it’s a HUGE motivation factor when there’s visual progress. I lost my perpetual 4-month pregnant belly! I’ve been lifting heavy weights, gaining lots of strength and hopefully some muscles and it’s so empowering being able to deadlift 100kg, especially for a noob like me. I’ve been wearing smaller clothes too and guess what? I bought a really nice dress in a smaller size so that I could fit into it a few months down the road. That’s my short term goal. Of course, there’s an ultimate goal, a size and shape that I really want to be… and that might take me at least another year. Body composition is tough business. I don’t want to be all loose skin and bones with no definition. To look athletic, I have to BE athletic. Also, let them booty grow. LOL!

There are some birthday parties here and there, and I’ll be travelling end of the year, so I take those as breaks / re-feeds. I’m not too anal about some off days because seriously dudes, I realized that when I’m really watching what I eat, I have to BE anti social. The “What’s another drink? What’s another chip?” mentality will ruin everything. 50 calories here, 100 calories there, they all add up! Next year, I’m planning to visit my uni friends I haven’t seen in 10 years. Call me vain, but I’d like to look good for that! That’s another motivation factor.

If you’re on a similar journey as I am, what have you been doing? HOW have you been doing? I said before that writing things down helps me put things in perspective, so that’s why I’m still putting up posts like this. Hope I didn’t bore you to death!


Cheers for reading!


xoxo Lily