Reiew: Biotherm Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream and Serum

While I’ve been MIA here on the blog, I’ve been testing these 2 products exclusively. I’ve been using them every morning and evening, after cleanser and toner, for more than a month so I thought it’s about time I tell you about it. They are Biotherm Blue Therapy Accelerated Cream (50ml, RM295) and Biotherm Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum (50ml, RM350). After toner, I’d use the serum followed with the cream, and my eye cream. In the day, I’ll complete the routine with a sunscreen.






Let me first tell you that both these products are heavily scented with the typical ocean scent. I find it quite strong at first, but after a while, my nose got used to it. If you prefer your products to be fragrance free, then this is not for you. Also, if you look for products without silicones in them, then you can give this a miss. I find these 2 to be heavily laced with cones, and the cream especially, has a very slippery silicone feel to it. I must honestly say, I’m not a fan of the texture. The serum isn’t as bad, but again, these 2 products can do with less silicones. When I checked the ingredients, I was not surprised to find dimethicone at the top of the ingredient list in the cream.

That said, the serum absorbs rather quickly into the skin while the cream needs a bit of warming up. Once the cream is warmed up to the skin’s temperature, it is absorbed very quickly into the skin leaving it smooth and silky. If not for anything else, that’s what the cones will do – smooths out your skin.



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Since I’ve got rid of the not so lovely things, let’s talk about how both perform on my skin after a month of using. First, I’ve had very good experience with their Life Plankton essence and the Blue Therapy serum in oil. I LOVE both those products. These Blue Therapy Accelerated cream and serum have life plankton in them as well, so I already expected my skin to react well to them. I experienced no flakiness or dryness while I was on these 2 products. I didn’t need any other products to keep my skin hydrated. I also noticed that my skin is more uniform in tone and colour, something I find important in my routine.

The cream claims to lift the skin in 2 weeks, and that, I did not notice. The serum is supposed to tighten the pores, and I did not notice that either. What I can attest to though, is skin’s luminosity. Yes, skin will look brighter, smoother and more luminous.






While I’m not a big fan of the heavily scented slippery feel of the products, I do like what they do to my skin. They are no miracle workers that deliver ALL that are promised, but for me, even looking, luminous skin looks good. What do you look for in your serums and creams? Have you tried anything from Biotherm?



xoxo Lily



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  • So much skincare with cones in them these days I don’t get it. I just reviewed some Avene, and even they have succumbed to the cones. I like Biotherm too, but I’m finding they put SO much cones in their stuff lately. Also, denatured alcohol is pretty high up on the list and why. Companies need to start worrying less about the texture of a product and how it feels to us and pay attention to using good ingredients instead. But that’s a pipe dream I feel, hey? That said, I like the sounds of the serum!

    • I so agree and was just going to say something similar! I don’t mind these kinds of things in daytime products because smoother skin is nicer for applying foundation on and for general appearance, but I fail to see how these help in overnight products that are for renewal and repair.

      • I know! And it’s getting harder and harder to find something silicone-free for night. There’s no need for them to be there-they don’t help the product penetrate into the skin, in fact they probably hinder it a bit. I don’t get it.

        • Lily

          I’d take a wild guess and say it’s because they can get away with it. From observation, those who use skincare but don’t read blogs are oblivious to these things. Heck, I bet some PR don’t even know!

  • Hmm…I have long been curious about Biotherm, this range especially but had no idea that they contain lots of silicones. I’m not sure if it’s bother my skin, definitely need to try getting a sample first.

    • Lily

      Most skincare has silicone but some just have too much of it! I really love their Life Plankton Essence though.

  • Actually have you found any creams to be miracle workers? I think many improve this or that, but I can’t think of any miracles 😉
    By the way, off the topic, I’ve been meaning to tell you, I found that my Burberry cream shadow stick is all dried up! I recall you found this issue too. Not great, I will definitely NOT be buying anymore colours.

    • Lily

      I haven’t found any creams to be miracle workers! And you’re right. They improve SOME things, and other products improve other things. Oh gosh, my Burberry stick in Almond is drying up too. But the others are still OK. I’ve been using them a lot, just because I want to get more use out of them while I still can. Hahaha!

      • Mine is (dont know what its called) a browny lilac colour (so not Almond) and it is sooo dry that I’ll probably throw it out soon. Its such a pity because I loved the finish on the lids and wanted to get rosewood. Oh well,.. I’ll stick to By Terry, which is actually slightly cheaper than the Burberry ones here.

  • I found Biotherm creams to be quite full of silicons actually…. used to like them, because they plump up my skin and all that, but after awhile, the scent turned me off. 🙁 I think I am past the stage of thinking anything could be a miracle cream… and I’m back to basics for the time being, with just 1 or 2 occassional treats!

    • Lily

      I minimized my skincare for a couple of weeks now. I go through this phase once in a while. I think it’s good for my skin. Biotherm creams are definitely jars of silicones. Hope they will change that.