Sunday Stash Shopping #77: Feeling Blue

Hello, it’s been a while! I have no better reason but to say, my life took over. I’ve been taking care of my kids, being a wife, working out, and sleeping when I can. Most of the time, I even forgot to go online. I get on Twitter sometimes, and Instagram but I always miss most conversations because I’m just in a different time zone. I did notice however, that some bloggers just obsess over everything. The blog post (fed to Twitter) says, Skincare I’m currently obsessing over. Foundation I’m obsessed about! And the following week, the same blogger will have another post saying, another skincare I can’t live without. It’s a huge blogger, by the way. And you know what? I unfollowed. A person who can obsess over every single thing in such a short time span seems a bit flaky, don’t you think?






And yes, this is me faking a laugh in front of the camera I’m holding pointing to myself. This is one of the stupid things I do as a blogger.

I talked about Dior’s new lipsticks a while back, and I was sad I couldn’t try the extreme mattes which had purple, blue, grey and dark burgundy. They were only available in Dior Backstage counters, which are only available in KL (and I live 250km away). I later received them in the mail though, and needless to say, I was really happy and excited. I’ll show you each of them in different posts. The grey one is very tricky however. I have no idea how to wear it. Here, I’m wearing 602 Visionary Matte.






I’ve been feeling blue lately too, having recently discovered that my grandfather has cancer. He is already 86 years old, and he found out he has stomach cancer. The doctor gave him one year. We hid it from him though. He is quite pessimistic in nature, and he’s already in pain, and he can’t keep food down. It pains me to think he’ll live the rest of his time in pain and hunger. He already has a few radiotherapy sessions done, and he said he feels better, but his appearance shows otherwise. In a few short weeks, he looks like he’s aged many years. It’s as if he’s shrinking and fading away right in front of me. It’s very sad. My grandma is holding it all in, and my mom is quite stressed from all this as well. I’m just doing my best to hold back tears.






I haven’t had the mood to play with makeup for a while now, but I decided to pick up a navy blue lipstick when Ashton was taking a nap. This blue isn’t completely matte, I don’t think. It has some silver metallic sheen to it which I think is gorgeous. I never thought deep blue lipstick would look sexy. So, I decided to put a little blue on my lower lash line. Then I thought, what the heck, some lashes would probably make it look better and I have this pair of Esqido lashes in my drawer. On my skin is a combo of NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint mixed with Becca backlight priming filter, which I have worn for more than 5 hours. Still looking ok. Then ah, again, unplanned, and since I liked how this looked, let’s just take some photos.






And that, my friends, is why I’m here today. Totally unplanned. It just happened. I went with the flow, and sometimes, that’s for the best. And as for this blue lipstick, it goes on smoothly without dragging, no patches, doesn’t sink into lip lines, it’s just easy. No lip liner either. This is Visionary.



xoxo Lily



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