Unexpected Break Update

It’s been 3 weeks since my last post. I’m still getting emails from you guys and you have no idea how touched I am. My grandfather passed away a few days after that last post. There was one day when he was very alert, so close to being normal, but 2 days later, he left us. We were mentally prepared for this day to come, but nothing prepared us emotionally. I currently have the ‘sudden tears outbreak’ syndrome (LOL!) and I know it’s only normal. As I’m writing this, I feel the need to hold back tears, because I have my makeup on and I want to go out without touching up. Hahaha! Then again, my friends, I learned to let go. People, family and friends, are in our lives for a purpose and it’s not to be with us forever in our lifetime. People come and after they served their purpose, people go. Yes, even the bitches and dickheads you meet are for a purpose. It’s to test your resilience and also to make you learn a lesson in life. I think, if you haven’t learned it, the assholes will be back. Hah! Picture below seems to reflect what I feel at the moment. Not as dark anymore 🙂






Sob story aside, and the ridiculousness that’s happening in the world far and wide, I made a few awesome discoveries. A very affordable Simple micellar water (200ml, RM22.90) is a current favourite. I’m also falling back in love with Bobbi Brown. LOVE the Illuminating Face Base (forgot how much I paid for this) and stick foundation (RM160) which I purchased. They’re permanents which you don’t see get hyped up (because it’s now all about limited edition and new shiny stuff, isn’t it?) but guys, these 2 are FRIGGIN AMAZING. Once I get back into blogging mode, I’ll write a full review.

My hands have been getting dry, and I was looking for one that’s rich enough to take the dryness away, but not so rich I’m leaving greasy hand prints everywhere. I’m now using Caudalie hand and nail cream (75ml, RM65), and Cetaphil moisturizing cream (85ml, RM75). They are both more affordable than the Clarins hand cream (100ml, RM110) I used to love and they are just as good. The unexpected one is from Cetaphil. A scentless thick cream that keeps my hands moisturized and grease free. I just have to remember not to wash my hands too soon after I apply the cream. The Caudalie one smells amazing by the way, and it’s lighter but still does the job.

I’ve also been getting some new clothes online, and I think I have to share my experience with you one day. It’s been a new discovery (both good and bad) that’s for sure. I will be taking the kids to Disneyland end of this month, and will be back early December. I think I’ll take the rest of this month off, and I’ll see you when it’s all festive and Christmas-y 🙂

Until then, stay well, my friends. And thank you again for keeping me in your thoughts.



xoxo Lily