Quick Review and Swatches: Dior Splendor Holiday 2016 Collection

As promised a few days ago, here are some quick thoughts on Dior’s holiday collection this year, and some swatches. I got these before I left for Hong Kong, and after getting back, kids got sick one after the other, so I only managed to take photos yesterday.





I posted the photo of the eye shadow palette on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, telling you that the texture is good. And it’s true, after using it a few times. They swatch beautifully on the skin using fingers, and they also apply smoothly with a brush. It blends like a dream and all the colours stay true to pan. It’s been a while since Dior eye shadow palettes have been this awesome. I honestly could not find a dud in this palette! This palette is Precious Embroidery 776 (RM265) and it looks amazing on my skin tone. It is neutral warm, I would say and I’m guessing those with cooler skin tones can rock this too.

The Diorblush Splendor 671 (RM189) is a peachy pink on my skin. It is quite a flattering shade on everyone, and I initially thought it reminded me of NARS Orgasm, but after checking, Dior is darker and less pink, more peachy, less shimmery. In other words, no, it’s not like NARS Orgasm. LOL! The Diorific Splendor Illuminating Pressed Powder (RM350) is so much better than the Diorific Golden Shock (year 2014) though. This one is finely milled, and actually does highlight the skin, without all the jaundice looking effect. Then again, Dior has been hitting it with its highlighters after that disaster 😉





Now onto lips. I’ve always liked Dior’s glosses and this Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in 672 Climax (RM155) is no different. It is quite pigmented and is a bright pink speckled with micro gold sparkles. When worn, it makes the lips look really shiny and healthy. The picture below does it no justice. Diorific Mat in 950 Splendor (RM135) is a holiday blue based red that is significantly less bright and warm when compared to the iconic 999. This goes on very pigmented and I find that it looks more modern when the edges are softened with a cotton bud, making it less precise and more casual. It is not fully matte as it still gives off a subtle sheen, and it feels quite slippery when applied. Last but not least, the new Diorific Matte Fluid (RM155) in 001 Pleasure which is  lip and cheek product. I find it similar to the YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush but Dior is less drying on the lips. Also, both the Diorific Mat and Matte Fluids smell very powdery. I am NOT a fan. For some reason, the Matte Fluid tasted a little sweet too. Erm, yes, I licked my lips.





In photos above, I am wearing the Dior Precious Embroidery on my eyes and Matte Fluid on my cheeks. On the left, Matte Fluid on my lips and on the right, the gloss. You can’t really tell from the pictures but the Matte Fluid gives off a baby pink glow to the cheeks and it’s quite beautiful in person. I personally like liquid and cream blushes and this one reminds me of the one I loved from Clarins.

In the picture below, I switched the blush to Diorblush Splendor and just to give you another look, I paired Precious Embroidery with the Rouge Dior Matte Extreme in Superstitious Matte 789. Goes well with purple lips too, eh?





Edited: Paris from My Women Stuff posted her swatches and thoughts on this collection today too. Go check out her swatches as she has a few different products.


I read from Paris’s post that a few of the things have sold out. So, I hope you’ll still be able to try out and get your hands on some of these things if you’re interested. Either way, hope you enjoyed the swatches and different looks. Did anything catch your eye?



xoxo Lily






  • I still have to swatch mine LOL! I’m so bad, I’m just not a fan of Dior as you know, but this collection does look promising! For once, HAHA! You look lovely!

    • Lily

      LOL Tracy. If you like super pigmented shadows, then Dior probably won’t make it to your love list. From this collection, I’d say the eye shadow palettes are the most improved, that’s for sure!

  • I am on a eyeshadow and blusher kick recently so the palette and the blusher are the ones that caught my eyes. Love the colour Splendor 950 and Superstitious Matte on you! I know Superstitious Matte is not something that you normal wear or at least I don’t see on you but it’s so bold and you wear it well.

    ps: I hear you about kiddo being sick…my turn today and barely slept the whole night because my boy is down with fever and cold. Haih… 🙁

    • Lily

      Oh it’s the first time I wear purple lipstick, Shireen. Didn’t think it’d look good on me, but the Superstitious Matte is more wearable than I thought! The girls are OK now, but the boy is still coughing. And I got their germs so I’m congested and coughing as well. I hope your little boy is much better now!

  • Is it time for me to look at Dior quints again..??! I saw the cool toned one from Paris’ post. Surprisingly I am more drawn to the Precious Embroidery. <3

    • Lily

      This Dior quint in particular is so good! I hope you can still find it 🙂 Ah reading your comment reminded me of Etude House. I haven’t gone there yet!

  • Oh dear I hope your kids are feeling better now! The sequin design on these palettes are gorgeous!

    • Lily

      Thanks Sofia. They are much better, but little Ashton is still coughing. He’s coughing less at night though, so that’s an improvement. I’m not feeling the sequin design – that’s why I didn’t mention it. Haha!

  • Thanks for the mention Lily! <3 Also, loving your looks. I wasn't in the mood to do any, but I totally agree with you on the quality of the shadows this time around. Sublime! I hope they reformulate their permanent line. Also the highlighter is pretty isn't it? Not like some of the chunky glitter they've been serving up in previous years.

    • Lily

      Dior’s previous summer and fall highlighters were quite good too. I don’t wear much highlighters but they’re so pretty. And yes to the eye shadow. Reformulating them will be great!

  • I love all your different looks, Lily!! I hear you about how this is the best quality from Dior so far…… but the colors I feel like I have lots of dupes already.

    • Lily

      Oh, the colours are definitely easily duped. I just feel relieved that Dior has finally got their act together – and hopefully for good 🙂