Review: Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme

Hello beautiful people! I’m back! Well, for this post that is. I plan to write a few more posts for this month so I’ll be around for a little while. I wanted to be back earlier, but kids took turn to get sick. Ashton just had a bout of fever, and he’s only starting to feel better. He’s jumping around this morning like his old self, so I guess that’s a good sign. I have Dior Holiday Collection to show you and I’ll be doing that next – need to talk about that before it’s all sold out. I’m late as it is. But first, I want to tell you about this moisturizer that I’ve been enjoying the past 2 months or so. It’s the Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme (75ml, RM460). A mouthful, I know. Name aside, this cream does most of the things it promises, and I’m glad.





I used this after the silicone loaded moisturizer I talked about before, and it’s a breath of fresh air. As soon as this moisturizer touched my skin, I felt ‘Aaahhhh’. It’s lightweight and silky, absorbs into skin almost immediately, leaving it super smooth for the rest of the day and night. I’ve been using this exclusively, and it has kept my skin moisturized. The only thing I don’t like is the scent. I find it strong, but I’ve read some bloggers saying it’s a subtle fresh scent. I do have a sensitive nose though, just a disclaimer.





This cream promises to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles which I don’t have yet so I can’t say it works for that purpose. The cream is supposed to help keep the skin firm, and I think my skin is doing alright in this department. For the past 2 months of using this moisturizer, I have no issues with my skin whatsoever. Even after my 1 week holiday, lack of water intake and change of climate, my skin did not misbehave. Is it the IntuiGen Technology™ that helps activate skin’s own revitalization? I don’t know, but my skin sure likes it. The cream does keep my skin hydrated and bright, and these are 2 of the most important things I look for in a moisturizer. This cream behaves like the Revitalizing Supreme moisturizer I talked about 2 years ago, only lighter in texture and even better at keeping my skin healthy.

I do notice in the increase in price but do note the old tub came in 50ml and this in 75ml. Also, our weakening currency is doing no one any good. The ultimate question is, would I buy this moisturizer once I’m done? I would say yes. There are a few moisturizers I really like, and after using this every day and night the last 2 months, I know I will miss it tremendously once it’s gone. There’s a moisturizer for every budget I believe, but when it comes to skincare, and if it works, I don’t mind splurging a little – with a limit of course.

Here’s the ingredient list in case you’re interested:




Thanks for reading, and I’ve missed you guys!



xoxo Lily






  • Good to hear you’re loving this one so much. I had a sample of this but I felt that it wasn’t right for my skin.

    • Lily

      Ah too bad it doesn’t work on you. Then again, I have 10 years on you? LOL! Perhaps it works on ‘older’ skin

  • Welcome back, Lily!

    I am glad to hear that this cream isn’t too silicone-y. I heavily rely on silicones when it comes to makeup and don’t object some in my skincare, but too much is too much, you know. I’d keep this in mind since you said you’re willing to purchase it. Sounds good to me! 🙂

    • Lily

      I don’t mind some silicones, but some brands are just notorious! For moisturizers, I also like Bobbi Brown ones. They smell great and feel good on the skin too 🙂

  • Nice! Glad it works for you! And glad you are back!

    • Lily

      Now that I’ve taken such a long break, I realized I don’t actually miss blogging so much. In fact, it takes a lot of work to put up a post. LOL! I’m probably getting lazy… or maybe the cough + flu is messing me up.

  • Welcome back, Lily and I’ve missed you a huge ton! Good to know about this cream, I am still obsessed with my REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream but once I’m done with it, I’ll pick this up. I like the ingredient list and I think my skin will love this.

    • Lily

      Hey Shireen, I just came back from your blog 🙂 You might want to take a whiff of this moisturizer before getting it though. I find the scent a little strong!

  • Welcome back! If you would buy this moisturizer once you’re done it must be good 😉 I have to say I’m not very faithful with regards to buying the same ones. xx

    • Lily

      Oh gosh, I’m the least loyal! But I have a list of things that I’d repurchase. Estee Lauder ANR is one of them, but it’s getting ridiculously expensive. I read through my reviews, and am reminded of Deciem! Once I’m done with my current bottle of ANR, I’ll get Deciem instead. With our local currency plunging to the pits, I need to save some moolah 🙂

  • I’ve been enjoying this cream too!!! Love the texture! I’m not sure about the Moringa either… and I love the older version for night! I need to write my review soon too…. so lazy…!!

    • Lily

      Hahaha I know what you mean. I said no to so many samples because I’m just too lazy. And you know, after saying “no” for a few times, they just don’t write to you anymore 😉