What’s In My Travel Vanity Bag

I came back from a short holiday a couple of weeks ago, and thought I’d show you what I took with me. We spent one week away from home, 5 days in Hong Kong. The weather there was mildly cool, not too dry, not too humid. In other words, it was the perfect weather. I knew we’d be out the whole day and there wouldn’t be time to touch up, so I kept my makeup minimal. We spent 2 whole days in Disneyland and the others just exploring. The next time we go back there, we’d want to visit the Ocean Park instead.

For skincare, I decanted some things into smaller travel sized bottles. I got them at Guardian pharmacy, but you can get them anywhere. They’re just little plastic tubs and bottles and even spray bottles. I decanted the cleanser and moisturizer, but brought the rest with me. As you can see, I brought the absolute minimal. Skipped serums but brought 2 sheet masks (and used just 1). Oh, I also transferred some of my shampoo into a smaller bottle because I can’t stand hotel shampoos. I thought I’d need a dry shampoo as well, and I saw this Percy & Reed 50ml bottle at Sephora. One word – FAIL. I should have just brought my Batiste even though it’s 200ml. This Percy & Reed dry shampoo does absolutely NOTHING to my greasy scalp. A waste of money and it cost more than the 200ml Batiste. Let me say it again do not buy the Percy & Reed dry shampoo. It sucks.





For makeup, I wanted to bring something that’s easy to apply, without having to bring my brushes. I’m lazy like that. I hate to spend too much time in the morning putting on makeup when I want to be out the door and start exploring. The It Cosmetics CC Cream is really good. It does live up to the hype after all. I bought the shade Fair (hoping it wouldn’t be too light on my skin) and I’m glad. Light is a little too pink for me. ‘Fair’ tones down the redness on my skin and while it goes on lighter initially, it sinks into my skin and blends in beautifully. For blush, I’ve been loving this Canmake Cream Cheek. The one I have is a clear pink which goes on the skin translucent, making it look very natural. And of course, brow pencil is a must. I brought a pencil liner as well, but didn’t use it. For the lips, I have Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip Color in Desert Rose which I bought at the airport duty free shop. It kept my lips moisturized and looking rosy at the same time. Bonus.





As always, I have the Biore makeup wipes with me because it’s small and compact. AND most importantly, it does its job well. Removes makeup without tugging. There are 10 sheets in this little travel size. I get air sick so I need my Novomin 30 minutes before boarding. I pop 2 pills and I’d be able to enjoy the flight. Otherwise, I’d feel nauseated and cranky and how can I take care of the kids if I couldn’t even take care of myself? Ah, not pictured here is a strip of Zyrtec which I keep in my wallet. My sensitive nose is unpredictable. It’s an antihistamine anyway and the kids can also have it if there’s any allergic reaction. Chloe gets rashes if she accidentally ate some shelled seafood and Ashlyn has a sensitive nose like me.

What about you? What do you pack for holidays? Are you a minimalist like me or do you grab everything?


Also, you guys know I’m a Kdrama addict, don’t you? You didn’t? Well, now you do. If you like it too, you gotta watch Goblin. It made me smile, cry and laugh out loud in one single episode. Now listening to the soundtrack as well.






xoxo Lily




  • Jan S

    Thanks for sharing! Canmake cream blush was in my travel kit too. I love this product. I recommend fancl skincare for travel because they come in small sizes. Just nice for a short trip!

    • Lily

      I just hit pan on this blush. Mine is CL02 a clear translucent pink. I don’t believe we have Fancl here though. Well, not in my little town anyway. But I’ll remember this. I think Simple does travel sized skincare pack too. And I’ve had good experiences with Simple as well. Have you tried?

      • Jan S

        I have a few shades of the can make blush ranging from pink to peach to coral..my most often used #11 has a big area of pan showing. unfortunately Simple does not really work for me. the face wash causes my face to dry out. I prefer QV which has also recently started selling travel packs.

        • Lily

          I had a red one which I gave to a friend. I now have a peachy orange one (05) and this. I wanted to buy more, but they’re so expensive for the size. Oh, I used QV sunscreens when I was studying in Australia and I remember liking them. Haven’t tried them since. Might have to pop by the pharmacy to try

  • Oh gosh, Zrytec was my BFF back when I was living in Malaysia. I used to get really bad allergic reaction which I never managed to pin point the trigger. My eyes would puff up so bad that I sometimes couldn’t see properly. I think it was due to Panadols which I take because I have really bad headaches and migraines but it never happened to me ever since living here even though I still take aspirins.

    And yes, the IT Cosmetics CC Cream is the only CC cream that works for me too, it’s really good and I need to repurchase it.

    • Lily

      I bought the It Cosmetics CC Cream for my mom and she loves it too. My nose is just fussy. Dust kills me. Spring time also kills me. Oh, not to mention sudden change of temperature. Speaking of allergies, I can’t take certain painkillers. My eyes would puff up like Ultraman, and I’d need to go see a doctor to get a jab immediately. It would then take another 2 days (at least) for the swelling to disappear. Of all the meds, I’m allergic to painkillers. FML!

  • Looks like I need to take example from you… I always accidentally bring way too many lipsticks when I travel. No need!

    • Lily

      I just make sure it doubles up as lipstick and balm. Multipurpose!

      • Yes! I’ve also discovered that my Bobbi Brown Luxe lipsticks (even though not intended as such) double up as excellent cream blushes, better than the pot rouges, so one of those come with me on my travels too!

        • Lily

          Better than the pot rouges? OK, I’ll need to try it 🙂 I’ve been using my Canmake cream blush.

  • Good stuff! I received the Estée Lauder Micro Essence in the advent calendar, which is funny because you can’t even get it at the counter here, hah! Excited to try it.

    • Lily

      Maybe it’ll be available soon. I think they started with Asia then US then maybe Europe later?

  • This is a very minimalist packing list! I always go overboard lol Minimal for me is bringing 3 lipsticks!

    • Lily

      Hahaha it’s just that when I travel, especially with kids, I find that I hardly wear makeup. So, just the essentials will do. The same for skincare. I’d be tired by night time, and I don’t think I’ll be in the mood to go through all the 10 steps of my usual skincare routine 😀

  • I love how you keep it real, Lily!! All those Instagram images of full-sized products in whole collections on trips, they just aren’t me. My luggages are already so heavy I can’t imagine it. I usually bring minis or decant them. But I do bring quite a lot because I need options for skincare. Never know how my skin will react. But makeup, I bring mostly stick things, cos I can’t be fussed about brushes and having to keep them clean!

    • Lily

      I figured, if there’s something I really need, I won’t mind buying something new. Hahaha! It’ll be the best excuse. But who am I kidding? I usually just stick to the minimum when I travel 🙂

  • Lily

    LOL I really don’t like to bring too much when I travel. I guess I’m just too lazy to pack and unpack!