Dior Addict Lip Glow Berry and Lip Sugar Scrub

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know that I love my Dior Lip Glow. I used up a few tubes of the original pink, then fell in love with Coral (used up the whole tube) and was introduced Lilac last year. I only have half a tube left, and now, we’re introduced Berry. My inner vamp lover was rejoicing, hoping it would be darker and moody, but what was I thinking? This is a tinted lip balm after all. Berry gives my lips a reddish tint, and as usual, it leaves my lips nourished and smooth. The Lip Glows have gone up from below RM100 a few years ago to now RM120, but then again, our currency is now about 4.50 against the USD. I really blame our weak currency when it comes to price hikes everywhere.





What I was really interested in when I first saw the promo teasers however, is the Lip Sugar Scrub. My friends highly recommend Fresh and Bite and I haven’t tried either. This is not your traditional lip scrub of coarse sugar and there is no need to wipe off either. The Dior Lip Sugar Scrub (RM120) looks grainy in the tube and it stays grainy as I apply it. There are fine grains of sugar to gently exfoliate the lips, but the sugar dissolves and melts, leaving a trace of sweetness on your lips. There is a slight minty feel, and lips are of course, smooth and slightly pink after application. It is a combination of scrub and balm and I like that the texture is light. Lately, I’ve been using the lip sugar scrub as the first step of my makeup. By the time I’m ready to apply my lipstick (I apply lipstick last), my lips would be properly primed.





Now, I don’t have much problems with my lips. Sometimes my lips feel dry, but I’ve never had chapped lips, or flaky lips. So I’m not sure how these will work if your lips are high maintenance 😉 Here’s how Lip Glow Berry looks on me. Now that I’ve tried all of them, I have to say, Berry and Coral are my favourites.





Do you use lip balms? Tinted lip balms? Do you scrub your lips? I have to honestly tell you that I haven’t scrubbed my lips before >_< So this is my first experience with sugar lip scrubs. If you have a fave, do share!



xoxo Lily






  • So this is a lip balm and sugar scrub in one?

    • Lily

      Yes it is 🙂

  • I am not a fan of tinted lip balms, have tried multiple but I need my lip products to be pigmented because my lips are like the walking dead, no colour. And I can’t bring myself to pay that much for a tinted lip balm, I’m too kedekut! Haha!

    • Lily

      Oh have you tried Bobbi Brown’s Luxe lip colors? They are pigmented and so comfortable on the lips!

  • It looks pretty! I like the idea of a scrub in lipstick form-less messy.

    • Lily

      Indeed it is. Though, I’m tempted to try the scrub in pots because I haven’t tried them before!

  • Berry looks so pretty on you!!!

    • Lily

      Thanks Linda. It’s just another sheer red though, isn’t it?

  • Sounds right up my alley! My lips are sooooooooooo dry right now though, UGH.

    • Lily

      Oh but I read about the Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint on your blog before. Are you still using that? I just purchased one in melon.

      • I used it up a good while ago, but I rrrreaaaaaaaally loved it! I repurchased it once after the first one I received for the blog, but at the moment I don’t have one in use.

        • Lily

          Oh good to know! They’re LE here, and just hit the stores (how slow!) and I purchased one to try.