Rolling In The Deep

Good morning! I love dark lips and I cannot lie. It’s not something I wear every day, but whenever I could, I would. It’s strange, because for some unknown reason, I’m drawn to them, I LOVE THEM! There was a time when I’d only wear nude lipsticks, when I feared even just a red lip. Look how far I’ve come. Here are a few of the darker lipsticks that I keep and rotate in wear. I am sensible in a way that I don’t hoard too many of them. These vary in tones and finishes, some more purple, more red, more berry, more bloody. More matte, more shiny, a little more forgiving.




This first set is easier to wear. There’s a sheer one (Dior Addict) for novices – I find this too light even though the bullet looks deep purple – and the slightly shiny wear of these 4 lipsticks makes them less intimidating. Charlotte is a tiny bit more berry than Dior 5th Avenue while Oxblood is full on vamp without being too brown or black. Photo above taken indoors, while below is the same set of lipsticks taken under sunlight.





Now for matte lipsticks, it’s easier to use pencil shaped ones because they give more precision and they make application that much easier. Cassis is a brownish red that can be worn casually without makeup on. I’ve tried it and still managed to look kinda chic. Bobbi Brown makes some really good creamy matte lip colors because they are matte without being too dry. Crushed Plum is more berry while Berry Noir is more brown. The most matte out of these is the Dior Poison Matte which is also the moodiest.





I usually prefer to wear these with as little as I can on my eyes, but I always need more definition on my eyes anyway, or they’d disappear. Clean base, clean eyes, dark lips. That’s how I like to wear them. I’ve worn the other lipsticks on the blog before, so a quick search will take you to them. Here, I’m wearing Dior Poison Matte with a light wash of eye shadow and some pink blush. As usual, the blush doesn’t show up in photos unless I pile it on.





Do you like to wear darker lipsticks? They tend to make lips look thinner, so a shinier finish will make the lips look a little fuller. That, or use a lip liner to draw bigger lips. I don’t do that though. I always end up looking like I have clown lips no matter how subtle it is. What’s your favourite lip colour to wear?



xoxo Lily



** Some are PR samples and some are purchased by myself.