Sunday Stash Shopping #79. And Updates.

Hey beautiful people, how has your week been? I feel like time passes by a little too quickly when I have time to look back, but some days are so stressful, they feel so long. I’m still trying to get used to the new schedule. Chloe has to be at school by 7am (so friggin early!) so we’re talking about early mornings. Ashlyn doesn’t reach school until about 12.15pm and then I’ll wait for Chloe to finish school at 1pm. Thank goodness they’re in the same school or I’d be rushing about like a headless chicken. I’m very lucky to have my parents help me fetch my kids sometimes, so I get a break. It’s especially difficult when I have Ashton tagging along, and he has his napping schedules – not to mention 2-year-olds get very bored when they’re in the car for long hours. And when toddlers get cranky and bored, they unleash their demonic powers!

It’s also been very hot lately. While some of you are shoveling snow, I’m trying to keep myself dry from all the sweat and humidity. Driving in this heat is no joke and if I continue to do this, I need extra protection. I now understand why my mom had serious pigmentation back when we were at school. I’M SCARED!!!!!!!! So I wear huge golf hats, huge sunglasses and wear long sleeves. Loads of sunscreen too. I’m not exaggerating. I would even wear a mask to protect my face if people didn’t look at me like I’m mad.

In this heat, I honestly don’t feel like applying makeup. So, I try to get it done in the morning when the air is still cool and the humidity hasn’t hit yet. For the past week, I’ve been preferring just a light layer of alphabet cream on my face and cream blush. I must set it with powder for it to last until I get home at about 2pm. Brows are a must of course, but I’ve been skipping eye shadows. At most, I just apply a coat of mascara but sometimes, I just leave it undone. I’ve been applying brighter lipsticks as pick me ups and I’ve been rotating between berries and corals. Here, I’m wearing one of my favourites which is Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in Razzberry.





If there’s a pinky berry that I highly recommend, it’s this. I also love the formula because while it’s matte, it is kind to the lips. I’m wearing the L’Oreal Miss Manga False Lash waterproof mascara here. While I like how it separates my lashes and volumises a little, I really don’t like how crunchy my lashes feel. I hardly wear waterproof mascaras because I don’t like how difficult it is to remove. This mascara keeps my lashes curled, and performs really well, but urgh, again, the crunchy lashes. I can’t get over it. So I bought another tube of Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara. By far my favourite. I finally threw out the last one, which lasted me for about 8 months. I know I know, some of you go EEEEWW!!! In my defense, it was still performing really well, and no one else touches or uses my mascara. But look, I threw it out finally, ok? It’s just that, I keep telling myself I’d use it for just one more day, and somehow, erm, yeah, it happens 😛

I’ve been taking photos of products I want to talk about, but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and edit them. I usually edit and write after Ashton sleeps at night, but I’ve been to tired lately, I pass out next to him. Sometimes even before he falls asleep and he’d wake me up. LOL! OK enough rambling. I hope your weekend has been wonderful and wherever you are, whatever you’ve been doing, YOU HAVE BEEN AWESOME.



xoxo Lily