Chanel Le Blanc Makeup Collection: Swatches and Looks

Shall I first tell you that I love this collection so I might be slightly biased? Chanel Le Blanc makeup collection (also known as Chanel Energies et Puretes) is now available in stores, and I have a feeling it’ll be sold out soon, especially the highlighter. For some of you who might be wondering, this is NOT Asia exclusive. I was told this is available worldwide. While I’m not too crazy about the lip offerings, I really like the eye quad and the highlighter. Sure, I might be a fan of eye shadows, but I don’t usually take a second look at highlighters so that says a lot.





First, let me show you the star of this line, the Plisse Lumiere de Chanel (RM250). This highlighter is a beautiful soft champagne on my skin, and on my cheeks, it gives a beautiful glow that is detectable but subtle at the same time. I use the brush provided to highlight the high point of my cheeks and on the bridge of my nose and I GLOW!





The blush Les Tissages Tweed Cheery Blossom (RM185) is just beautiful to look at. There’s a silver overspray and underneath it is a satin cherry red that is very pigmented. Too bad the accompanying brush is scratchy and coarse. I’d give it an A if they changed the brush to a more usable one.





There are 3 Rouge Coco Shines (RM120) in this line, and a couple of Rouge Allure Glosses (RM120) and the corals are BRIGHT. Rouge Coco Shine in Corail Radieux is very summery, but the Rouge Allure Gloss in Energie is neon coral on my lips! Rouge Coco Shine in Rose Ravissant is more of an every day pinky coral which looks more neutral on my lips. The Le Vernis in Bleu Pastel (RM95) is one of my favourites too. If you followed my Instagram, you would see how I wear it. Last but not least, the eye palette. The one I have is Les 4 Ombres Jardins de Lumiere (RM230), which consists of a silver, tin grey (which looks more green to me), champagne and aubergine.





Now this, is a palette with so many possibilities. What do I mean? Before I show you how I wear them, here are the swatches.





I have created a few looks for you, and I think my favourite shade is the tin grey (top left, the greenish silvery shade). I like to wear it on its own, with pink blush and pink lips for a subtle every day look.





For more drama, I created 2 smokey eye looks for you. One using silver, and another using aubergine. All you need, really, is a dark pencil liner as a base. Here’s how they look like, with the peachy champagne as highlight on the inner corner.





Here I am wearing the coral lipstick and the highlighter, and you’ll be able to see the glow on my cheeks. If it can be captured in the photo under natural light, you can DEFINITELY see it in real life too.





What do you think? Which product caught your eye? Which look do you prefer? As I proof read this, I realize I cut short my sentences and sound a little rushed. That’s mainly because I want to get to the point, or it’ll be a thesis! Happy Hump Day everyone 🙂



xoxo Lily





  • Ooooooh, so pretty! I also like that the whole collection isn’t all that “Le Blanc”. LOL. Love those juicy lip colors & greyed green and purple combo!

    • Lily

      LOL that’s right. Chanel has been coming out with collections that are less ‘traditional’ if I might say? I really like them!

  • That aubergine is such a gorgeous color!

    • Lily

      It is!! I love that it isn’t too blue or red 🙂

  • Everything caught my eye lol! That eye palette does look like so many possibilities, so pretty! I love the tissage blushes, I had one years ago and was sad they had discontinued.

    • Lily

      Yes, I remember seeing them online a few years back and really wanted them, but couldn’t get any. I’m glad they brought them back for this collection 🙂

    Okay, I’m waiting for my next pay cheque and will be picking up this eyeshadow quad and the blusher form the other collection. To hell with spending ban, you convinced me that these two are worth breaking the ban…well, at least this one time. Haha! Both are so pretty!

    ps: I was so excited that I posted the above comment on the other post instead of this. Haha!

    • Lily

      Hahaha! I hope it works on you. It’s very lovely. I’ll be going to Chanel again next week when I’m in KL to check out ALL their stuff. I’ve been missing out on so many of them, I feel like I need to catch up. They don’t have a counter here, so it’s kinda sad.

  • I was looking at that highlighter and it is gorgeous! It is a pretty collection and everything looks beautiful on you. Chanel is stepping up their game again!

    • Lily

      You’re right Tracy. I’ve got my eye on Chanel since they reformulated their eye shadows, and they caught my full attention with last year’s Candeur et Experience! I still can’t get my hands on it because while it’s permanent, it’s not available in my country!!! Makes me want it even more.

  • The highlighter and the quad are gorgeous! That aubergine smokey eye is something I would definitely go for!

    • Lily

      Thank you Agata. The highlighter is really beautiful!

  • Hahahaa…. I love the half half makeup look!! I’m so in love with this year’s collection too, and yes that highlighter is TDF!!!

    • Lily

      It’s the quickest way to try out different eye looks. LOL!