Quick Thoughts on Chanel Spring 2017

I’m late in posting these. I just received them last week, and there isn’t a Chanel counter in my hometown so I haven’t been able to check out most of Chanel’s things. That said, I tried to take photos and use them as quickly as I could. Furthermore, if you follow a few blogs, you would have seen these already. I’m not sure of their availability now, maybe most palettes are sold out, but if you bought any of these, I created a look which you can wear for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.





Ever since Chanel reformulated their eye quads, I’m in love again. Their baked quads used to be so bad, I’d walk the other way as soon as I saw them. These are sublime. The Codes Elegants is very warm. It has a pale gold beige, pale gold, antique gold and a brown. All of them have a beautiful finish and none of them powdery. I would say the most pigmented one is the antique gold (bottom left) and the dark brown is beautiful on its own as a simple day time smokey look.





It’s the first time I tried the Chanel Long Lasting Eyeliner. I know. What kind of blogger am I? I find it very soft and pigmented. It might be difficult to create a sharp line without the help of a tiny brush but I just love how easy it is to glide on the lash line. It is also waterproof and it doesn’t smudge on me. Noir Petrole is a shade I would describe as blackened brown with hints of khaki with flecks of gold. It is not shimmery by any means, just a little more complex than your regular black brown liner.

Rouge Coco Shine in 128 Noir Moderne is a very sheer berry which is closer to plum, I would say. It goes on like a lip balm, very slippery and due to the shade and texture combination, I find I need a little more effort to get an even application. It’s not too difficult though. Just smack the lips together, blot with tissue and apply again.





Finally, the Coco Codes. Truth be told, I wasn’t too taken by this blush when I first saw it online. I think it’s pretty and different, but I have so many blushes I can’t bring myself to buy it. It’s different when I swatched it though. There are so many possibilities! With a smaller highlight brush, I could pick and choose which shade I want to use, which shade combo I want. Alternatively, with a larger brush, I can just swirl and pick up all the shades and create a really warm blush.





Here’s a look I created. I used the dark brown close to my lash line, antique gold to blend, pale gold at the centre and the pale gold beige as highlight at the inner corner. Noir Petrole to line and create a wing by using an angled brush for a sharper flick and Noir Moderne on the lips. As blush, I picked up the 2 shades on the left of Coco Codes and left out the warmer shades. Here’s the results.





I hope you like this look I created. If I were to pick one thing, I’d go for the eye liner! And the nail colour in Beige Beige. I wore it just for 3 days and got so many compliments!! I’ll show you another day. Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow. My husband and I don’t celebrate by going to restaurants or him buying me overpriced flowers. We just wish each other, tell each other I love you and seal it with a kiss. That’s good enough for me.

Did you pick out anything from this Chanel Spring 2017 Collection? I still have the Le Blanc collection to show you. I need a few more days to test out all the products.



xoxo Lily






  • You created a very pretty look with the products, Lily! Honestly I really live the eyeshadow quad but I know I have many similar shades in my collection so if there’s one thing that I purchase, it would be the blusher.

    • Lily

      Yes, bronzes, golds, browns, sometimes they all look very similar. This has great quality though. And hey, you’re on a ban until April, remember? You can’t buy!

      • Shush! I picked up a couple of hair ‘necessities’…does that considered as ban broken? LMAO! I am sooooo terrible! 🙈🙊

        • Lily

          Well, I wouldn’t consider hair necessities as makeup or skincare, so your ban isn’t broken. Not in my books anyway. LOL!

  • I agree-their eyeshadows are so much better now. I like those eyeliners-they sure do stay put! I just picked up one of those new lipstick pencils-SO GOOD. Love the look you created! Very pretty!

    • Lily

      Thanks Tracy. I haven’t tried those new lipstick pencils yet. I have to take a closer look when I’m there next week!

  • Emma Bovary

    Such a lovely look you created with these products! I bought two products from the collection but have been unwell, so I think tomorrow may be the first time I use them and I’m excited about it!

    • Lily

      I hope you’re all better now, Emma. The delayed gratification sure makes it more exciting!

  • Beautiful! I love my quad and have been wearing them quite often lately. I will look forward to your post on Le Blanc collection! Wish we had it here, too!

    • Lily

      You don’t get the Le Blanc collection? Ah, I’m guessing it’s an Asia exclusive kinda thing? Well, if you need help getting anything from this collection, just let me know!

  • I do love the look! Everything looks so darn pretty. I’ve never used Chanel make-up. Ever. Mainly because I can’t afford it. Well, no, actually, I just don’t want to spend Chanel amounts of money on my make-up. This collection does look super pretty though.

    • Lily

      Here, Chanel isn’t any more expensive than other brands like Dior or Estee Lauder. They’re in the same league 🙂

      • Oh same here. I don’t buy Dior either. Or Estée Lauder make-up, for that matter. The Estée Lauder make-up that I have is mostly stuff that was sent to me, with the exception of a few things here and there. If it weren’t for press samples I wouldn’t have that much EL stuff. I really love many of the products, but yeah, just being honest here, not going to spend my own money on them. It’s different for skincare for me. I definitely invest in that. But when I’m buying make-up I prefer to keep it a bit more budget-proof, to balance things out and also because there so much good but affordable stuff out there. Not that I get the cheapest of the cheapest stuff out there, necessarily, but high-end make-up buys are a rarity for me. It’s mostly mid-range stuff. Doesn’t stop me from swooning over all that high-end luxury stuff though! <3

        • Lily

          I know what you mean! I think I’m guilty of spending a little too much on makeup, but because of blogging and press samples, I don’t have to buy that many. Even then, I still buy some premium stuff. Skincare is something I’d definitely splurge on, but if something less expensive works just as well, then of course I’d choose the more affordable one!

  • Yay!! You look so pretty! And those stylo yeux liners are the bomb!! So smooth and pigmented! You can sharpen it with the fiddly lil sharpener built into the back of that thing to get a sharper line going, but I can’t get it to work tbh.

    • Lily

      I tried to sharpen with that tiny little thing and ended up breaking it. HAHAHA! Oh well, I’ll make do 🙂

  • This collection looks so pretty and wearable 🙂 And so pretty on you too!
    With regards to the eyeliner, I got my first Chanel eyeliner recently (in a different color to this), omg its so good! Just discovered them now, I must have been living under a rock all this time haha

    • Lily

      I’ve been living under a rock too. The liners are good!