Review: Dior Prestige Le Nectar De Teint SPF20 PA++

I love bright luminous skin. I’m your typical Asian who hides from the sun πŸ˜‰ Other than taking care of our skin using the right skincare for our individual and unique skin, I also believe that a good foundation makes a whole lot of difference. I am guilty of never being satisfied with what I already have, and I’m almost always curious about new foundations. Most high end foundations nowadays come with skincare benefits. I wouldn’t say it’s a gimmick, but more of keeping up with the Joneses. I don’t believe that the skincare infused in foundations will make a difference to our skin compared to the effectiveness of, say, a serum so I appreciate when foundations are just what they are. Makeup to even out our skin, to brighten, cover blemishes and to make us look like us, only enhanced.





The new foundation from Dior, theΒ Dior Prestige Le Nectar de Teint is yet another foundation that is skincare infused. It soothes, protects, revitalizes, plumps and illuminates. I always apply moisturizer and sunscreen before my foundations, so my skin is already plump, protected and prepped for the foundation I’m about to apply. However, the good news is, this foundation DOES make my skin look like a fresh rose petal. Skin is velvety without being too matte, satiny without being too shiny. There’s a subtle glow in the finish that I absolutely adore.





The foundation comes with a travel sized paddle brush for your convenience. Personally, I find it best applied with fingers then buffed in with a kabuki brush. My skin is normal to slightly dry, and it is worth noting that I mix 2 drops of oil with my moisturizer. I then apply my sunscreen liberally before putting this foundation on. There is no pooling of foundation after a few hours of wear, it doesn’t sit in pores nor does it emphasize any lines. In fact, it looks freshly applied even after 5 hours of wear. Here’s a before after photo to see it in action, and a close up to show you the beautiful finish of this foundation.





There is a slight floral scent that is quite pleasant and I have to say this is much better than the Prestige Blemish Balm I reviewed earlier. The only gripe I have is the shade selection. I use shade 010 and it is a little too cool and pink for me. I usually use shade 011. The next warmer shade is 021 but it goes on too dull on my skin.Β This is a comparison of the shades 010 and 011 just to show you what I mean. The 011 is the Diorskin Star foundation which I still like very much.





I am a firm believer that it is of utmost importance to get the right foundation shade, so naturally, I am quite sad because I love how this foundation performs. If you are in the market for a new high end foundation, have similar skin condition as I do and if you can get the right shade, I urge you to give this a try. I’m sure you can see for yourself how beautiful the finish is!



xoxo Lily







  • ML Chan

    Oh… that finish is really very, very nice! I actually stared at the closeup of your skin for awhile. It’s not exactly dewy per se but I do like that subtle glow.

    • Lily

      It is, isn’t it? I wish they had 011 though. So sad about the shade!

  • Haha so true re: skincare in foundations, but I must admit to being a sucker to the hype before about serum foundations. This one looks really lovely on you!

    • Lily

      It’s a lovely foundation! I wonder if some ppl believe serum foundations can replace their skincare… because we definitely know that’s not the case!

  • Oh yes what a gorgeous finish for a foundation!
    Yeah I am so picky with my foundation tones too. So hard to buy foundation with regards to matching the colour because the sales ladies always try to sell colours that are either far to pink for me or too dark…

    • Lily

      Oh yes, same here. They almost always sell me darker shades. But we know our skin best πŸ™‚

  • Bellyhead

    oh gosh, Lily! Compared to your recent By Terry post, I can see just how beautiful Dior looks on you. It seems like an okay color match, but I can totally identify with being a stickler for foundation color matches. Amazing looking on your skin, though.

    • Lily

      Thanks Belly. It looks a bit off compared to my neck and the rest of my body. Like a pink face popped onto a pale yellow neck. Lol!

  • This looks really beautiful on you, Lily! I don’t understand that paddle brush, I use this type of brush to apply my mud mask but never foundation as I always find it to look streaky. This foundation sounds like something that I will enjoy too….another one added into my wish list.

    • Lily

      Oh if you can find a shade match, this is beautiful! I haven’t used this type of foundation brush for a while now. But it’s great to pat on foundation for more coverage in certain areas πŸ™‚

  • I’m definitely hopping to the next Dior counter and trying this on!! Thanks for the review, Lily!!

    • Lily

      You’re welcome Linda πŸ™‚