Sunday Stash Shopping #81: Dior Spring Look 2017

I promised to create a look for you using the Dior Spring eye shadow palette I featured last week. I was supposed to post it last week, but it’s been a very busy Chinese New Year! I spent the few days visiting family and friends, and even met up with some childhood friends from school. I haven’t seen them since I left school 20 years ago, so it was nice. I don’t really have very pleasant memories of school somehow, but I’ve always been an emotional kid. Growing up and self discovery¬†started after I left school for college and then university and I’m also excited to go visit my Uni friends in a few months!

Just to refresh your memory, here are the products I’ll be using. You can find the swatches in the previous post.





For this look, I used the bright coral shade all over my lid, and created a soft cut crease using the dark reddish brown. The pale pink (far left) was used as subtle highlight on my brow bone and I added the pale beige on the inner corners of my eyes. I also pulled the dark brown down to my lower lash line. The eye shadows are pigmented and easy to blend.¬†They also stay on my lids without creasing or fading without any primer. My eyes are slightly oily so I always powder before applying any eye shadows. I decided to used the Pro Teal proliner to create a wing. The dark emerald green gives the coral a pretty contrast and makes the look a little more playful. I sometimes have a problem with pencil liners transferring to my under eyes, creating panda eyes but I don’t have any problems with the Pro Liner.





The Diorblush in Coral Twist is quite pigmented so I light hand is needed. The blush blends beautifully, so you don’t have to worry with clown cheeks. Because I wanted the eyes to be the focus, I kept the lips light. Here is Rouge Dior Nude in Charnelle.





I hope you enjoyed this look. My every day look is quite minimal, and most of the time, I use only one to two shadows, so it’s nice to play with this fake cut crease. I don’t like very dramatic looks, so I’ve made it look more natural and less Instagram fake. I always apply with a light hand and layer from there to minimize mistakes. This look also requires loads of blending. As you can see in the photos above, my eye shape takes away a lot of the colours. You can only really see it when I close my eyes.

Happy weekend my friends. Hope you enjoyed this look!



xoxo Lily