I’m Eating My Words. The Irresistible Jo Malone.

I wrote my previous post (read here) in January 2014. A little more than 3 years ago. I bought my first and only Diptyque candle and gosh was I all guilty about it. The guilt went away, but I didn’t burn it much. That is until, my neighbour moved in. My neighbour is a pyromania. He’d collect dry leaves and branches and burn them every fucking week. I apologize for the language but that is just how frustrated I am!┬áMy room, my curtains, my air conditioner, and my sensitive nose are all affected. Tried talking to him, and even reported to the authorities, but nothing worked. Authorities my ass. Nothing is done. They receive the complaint and just sit on it.

We all choke in the smell of smoke every time he burns. I tried to get rid of it and nothing worked. Not any diffuser, not room spray, nothing. Until I tried the Diptyque candle sitting on my table. In just a short 10 minutes, my room smells of nothing but the beautiful Baies. Ah, finally! No more smoke! There isn’t much of the candle left, so I know I MUST buy another. I was heading to Diptyque but walked past Jo Malone. And half an hour later, I ended up with this.





I must say they have the loveliest customer service. I didn’t know what scent I wanted, and Don was so attentive, he helped me narrow it down. I had a lovely hand massage too! And who can resist a friendly smile, gentle persuasion (no pushing at all) and frivolous packaging like this? **Jo Malone, if you’re reading, Don is awesome. Might want to add this to his performance review**





The Wood Sage and Sea Salt candle is much lighter than Baies, so it takes a little longer to fill my room with the soft scent. There’s something about it that makes me feel very relaxed. I’m definitely thinking of getting the cologne when I go back next. English Pear and Freesia┬ácologne smells very fresh on me too. Not too sweet, just enough to perk me up and make me feel happy. I’m also attracted to Mimosa & Cardamom, something I don’t have in my fragrance wardrobe. It makes me feel grounded and cozy in a way. It’s like toffee and coffee, makes me feel like I’m being wrapped in a warm comforting thick blanket in cold weather. I have a sample of it, and when layered with English Pear & Freesia, it transforms to something lighter. I might have just set myself a trap for going into Jo Malone the very first time, because I think I’m hooked. And ah, it’s a pricey hook.





All that said, I know I’m very happy with my purchase. The candle gets rid of the intrusive smell of smoke, calms me down instead of being super furious at my neighbour, and all is well. Superficially. Of course, I’d wish he’d move out. If a RM310 candle could stop me from huffing and puffing like an angry dragon every week, then I’d say it’s worth it.

Have you tried Jo Malone?



xoxo Lily