Review: Bobbi Brown Remedies

Bobbi Brown Remedies is a collection of 6 treatments that target specific complexion concerns to enhance skin’s overall health. They can be used individually or layered with skincare and foundation for fully customized skin solutions.

I received little mini samples which are just so cute, and they are No. 80 Skin Relief, No. 91 Skin ReviverĀ and No. 57 Skin Salve. I’m actually quite curious how they came up with the different numbers and if they meant anything. The other 3 are No. 75 Skin Clarifier (helps unclog pores and balance oil levels), No. 86 Skin Moisture Solution (to boost skin’s moisture) and No. 93 Skin Fortifier (to strengthen skin’s structure). Each of them is priced at RM178, and they are available in stores already.





Let me first start No. 80 Skin Relief, a calming algae complex. It is suitable for sensitive and reactive skin because it visibly reduces redness and irritation and relieves stressed skin. My face gets red easily. When I’m hot, my face is flushed! I wouldn’t say it is reactive to skincare because I don’t get flare ups like allergies, but when it’s hot out, my face will immediately turn red. I found that No. 80 calms my skin down, and it reduces redness almost immediately. I have checked and paid attention, and it works every single time without fail. So I will purchase a full sized bottle of this.

No. 91 Skin Reviver Power Greens Ferment is a bottle packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients like fresh kale, brussel sprouts and spinach extracts. This remedy is supposed to increase the appearance of skin’s vitality, but honestly, I couldn’t tell what it does to my skin. I didn’t notice any difference but maybe it’s due to the tiny bottle, I’m not sure.

Both these remedies are to be applied after cleansing and toning, and they absorb almost immediately into the skin leaving no trace to touch. Then, I follow with serums and moisturizer. When my face is extra red, I’ll apply No. 80 right before foundation and it works like a charm.





Last but not least, No. 57 the Skin Salve Restoring Treatment. It is a concentrated balm that nourishes severely irritated, dry or damaged skin. It can be used alone or on top of other skincare solutions without disrupting their process. It has shea butter, beeswax, turmeric extract and licorice extract and let me tell you this. I had 2 pimples (during the time of the month) and just out of curiosity, I applied this skin salve on them before bed. It was really just to see what it could do, with no expectations whatsoever. I woke up the next morning, and the pain went away. The pimples (which have not broken out yet. It’s at that annoying painful about to break out stage) shrunk and there was no pain. Instead of getting bigger and developing a head that tempts your fingers to pop it, the pimples actually reduced in swelling and calmed down! So now for pimples, I apply some tea tree oil on it before applying this skin salve to seal and heal. I find that the pimples heal faster and they don’t actually break out angry. That’s the important thing. No angry pimples.

I also had some dryness and flakes on my nose and I applied skin salve every night for 3 nights and the flakes are GONE. I think this little tub will last me a while but when I’m nearly done, I WILL REPURCHASE!





That’s Ashton’s hand just to show you how miniature these are. Cuteness overload. Have you tried any of these? I’m curious about No 86 Skin Moisture Solution, but I already use a hydrating serum (or anything extra that boosts hydration) on the daily, so it might be redundant. If you have tried any of these, please let me know how it works for you. And if you haven’t, aren’t you curious? Which one would you want to try?



xoxo Lily