Review: Chanel Le Blanc Serum Healthy Light Creator and UV Essentiel Gel Creme SPF50

I have a few main concerns when it comes to my skin. I always use a hydrating serum, and then I rotate between anti aging and whitening serums. I’d finish using the anti aging one, then change to whitening, and back to anti aging. That’s what I’ve been doing the past few years. Recently, I got to try the Chanel Le Blanc Serum Healthy Light Creator (RM460). It’s been a while since I used their skincare, and the scent is more subtle than I remembered. It’s now definitely more pleasant to the sensitive nose, and it doesn’t linger.





To generate true radiance from skincare alone, CHANEL was inspired to create a “3-in-1” healthy light creator serum that amplifies the skin’s own abilities to generate vitality, to uniform it and to restore the essential skin lipids. A lot of whitening / brightening serums say similar things. Basically, the skin is set to repair itself, restore radiance, suppress melanin production and promote vitality. It’s the ingredient that’s different. The star ingredient of the Chanel Le Blanc serum is the ume flower extract, which stimulates a protein in our skin to repair and revitalize. There is a lot of impressive research and even more impressive promises, but in the end, does it work?

First of all, let me just briefly mention the texture of this serum. It is very light and has low viscosity so it spreads easily on the skin and absorbs almost immediately. I first used this alone for a week, and then continued with my usual skincare and used this serum as an addition to my routine. I always use a hydrating serum first, followed with this. At one point, when I was still using the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil, I layered this serum on top of the oil. The difference in my skin was significant. I literally saw my skin brighten in the span of one week. I continued using it for another week until I used up my Luna, then, I’m back at toner – hydrating serum – Le Blanc serum – moisturizer again.

I usually get a few pimples during the time of the month, and this time round, my skin was more sallow than usual and I have a few more pimples than I usually do. I notice that the pimples disappear without any marks this time, and the slight discoloration on my chin disappeared within a week. My skin tone looks more uniform too. I’m usually more sallow and also more red at the center of my face, but after using this for a little more than a month, my skin definitely looks better. This serum keeps my face bright. There is no peeling or flaking, my skin doesn’t feel dry (even without a hydrating serum) and this serum is gentle enough for me to use around my eye area.

I wouldn’t tell you to run and get it because RM460 a bottle is not cheap, but if you’re looking for one that does work, then this is for you. Before this, I was using the Deciem White RX and didn’t see any changes.





In case you didn’t know, if you’re using any sort of whitening serum, or retinol, it is very important that you wear sunscreen in the day. The Chanel UV Essentiel Anti Pollution which I reviewed before had a lighter texture, but this Chanel UV Essentiel gel creme SPF50 (RM225) is more suitable for those with dry skin. Let me emphasize DRY skin. It does not stay greasy, but it’s like a rich moisturizer that needs time to be absorbed. As you can see in the photo above, that’s one stripe of sunscreen I use for one side of my face. I use 3 stripes in total for my entire face. When I use my Shiseido Wet Force, there isn’t a problem in me looking shiny. However, with this creamy texture, I look greasy immediately after application. After a few minutes of letting it be, it absorbed into my skin and I can apply my foundation as usual. I have no problems with my foundation melting due to the sunscreen either. It’s just the uncomfortable few minutes of waiting for it to be absorbed and then I’m OK. Why don’t I use less, you ask? That’s because I won’t get enough protection against the harsh sun. I think it’s great if you have dry skin, and even better if it’s winter time. You’ll appreciate this very much.

In short, I really like the Le Blanc serum but it makes my wallet go ouch, and the sunscreen isn’t for everyone. I’d recommend their UV Essentiel Anti Pollution instead. If I have RM460 to spare, will I repurchase the Le Blanc serum once I’m done with it? Yes, yes I will!



xoxo Lily