Review: Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte

I was recently sent some new matte lipsticks from Shu Uemura. Actually, I think they’ve been available for purchase for a while now, but here are my thoughts anyway, on the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte (RM95). I was sent 4 shades, a beige, a pink, a red and a wine. There are many more shades for you to choose from, different shades of beige, pink, red and wine, if these are not for you. I saw a sponsored video (on YouTube) by Pony a couple of months ago and the colours look nice.





I don’t have dry chapped lips and these matte lipsticks do not dry out my lips. I thought it’s important that I put it out there first. There’s slight slip to it, but not as slippery as say, the Dior mattes. While they don’t glide on easily, they don’t drag nor do they look patchy on my lips either. I just have to smack my lips together a few times and the colours will transfer evenly.

These are fully matte lipsticks with no shine, so they are not for everyone. If your lips are dry, they do emphasize lines. Of course, you could put on lip balm first, but it would take the matte finish away. Matte lipsticks in general aren’t for everyone, because they tend to be drier in texture and they also make your lips look thinner (read more ageing). However, they seem to be trendy now, together with liquid lipsticks that all brands are coming out with now.





This is M BG 934, a very light beige. On my lips, it’s like a concealer nude, which takes out all life out of me. Not my favourite shade, but if you’re very pale, it might work on you. That, or if you love dark smokey eyes, this will look good too. This shade however, shows you how pigmented these Supreme Mattes are. They give opaque coverage, covering your natural lip colour.





M PK 354 is a bright blue pink. This photo takes away some of its brightness because in real life, it’s close to neon. I think it would be what some people describe as K Pop pink. It’s bright and happy and youthful.





The M RD 144 is a tomato red. It’s a bright warm red that brightens the face immediately. However, this is the shade that drags just a little bit. It doesn’t apply as smoothly as the other shades, but it doesn’t get patchy either.





Lastly it’s the M WN 266, my favourite of the 4. I’m just biased because I love berries and wine shades. These pigmented matte lipsticks stay on for at least 5 hours without fading, and I can wipe it all off and still have stained lips. Naturally, the bolder the lip colour, the stronger the stain.





Have you tried the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte lipsticks? Which is your favourite out of these 4?



xoxo Lily