Sunday Stash Shopping #83: Previous Bobbi Brown Haul

Gah, it’s been a month since I got all excited about my Bobbi Brown purchase. I still love them and I have been using them quite regularly the past few weeks. To refresh your memory, here are the 2 things I bought.





I’ve been side tracked and have postponed this post but not anymore. I created a super simple look this time. Went for a bare eye look. It’d look better if you had more lashes but ah well, mine will be more bare (slash naked) than yours. On my face is only foundation, brows, and these 2 products above. I used Pink Flush on my cheeks and Pearl on the high point of my cheeks, on my brow bone and a little on the bridge of my nose. Let me emphasize brow bone because if you apply it on your lids, it will crease unless you have very dry lids.





And just to show you the subtle glow that I’m addicted to, here’s another close up which I think shows Pearl and Pink Flush best.





I’m not sure if it’s still available, but if it is, yes, I still recommend it!! This is just a short post, and as usual, I wish you a great weekend and a more awesome week ahead 🙂



xoxo Lily




  • Love it! So fresh and pretty! These are still here, so I’m gonna swatch it today!

    • Lily

      Thank you Tracy! I’m so glad I bought these.

  • This is such a fresh look, Lily and you pull off the bare eyes look beautifully! I don’t think I can though, my eyes are a little droopy and looks weird without any mascara.

    • Lily

      My eyes need some definition for sure. But sometimes I wear my glasses so I don’t care 😀

  • Its a great everyday natural look! I think you’re right, I’d like that lippie for an everyday balm.

    • Lily

      Right? It’s so easy to use.