Review: Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet Bright Plum

I’ve never been crazy about liquid lipsticks. I always thought they’d go bad much quicker, but after seeing the promo ad of Iris Law wearing Oxblood, I really wanted it.





It’s been sold out in the Burberry site for a month now, and to fill the lust, I bought Bright Plum a few weeks back from the site for RM115. Then just today (1 March at the point of writing), I saw Oxblood in stock! I quickly added it to cart, only to find out these liquid lip velvets cannot be shipped to Malaysia due to strict international trade agreements. I think this is just a recent change because I bought Bright Plum a month ago from the site with no problems. It is also priced at RM143 at Sephora’s website but when I checked them out in stores in KL, they were priced at RM115. I wrote to Sephora to inquire, and they amended the price. You’re welcome. They shouldn’t make this mistake in the first place. So, do the customers who bought these at RM143 get a refund for the extra they paid? I couldn’t get my Oxblood unfortunately. These Liquid Lip Velvets are all sold out, everywhere *sad face*.

NOTE: I checked the Burberry site again (today is 13 March 2017), and Oxblood is sold out, of course, but just to check, I added others to cart and now they decided to ship to Malaysia again. MAKE UP YOUR BLOODY MIND, BURBERRY!





Anyway, back to Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets. They are not drying on the lips nor do they feel wet like your traditional liquid lipsticks. They feel like a light mousse, like whipped cream but not wet. They go on smoothly on the lips and don’t emphasize lines. They wear well and they stain the lips. They do not set and transfer quite easily too. What I do is to apply and blot a few times, and I find that this way, they don’t transfer as much. Either way, I don’t really mind. They fade gently without the hideous lip ring and it’s a liquid lipstick I don’t mind keeping. However, the Eye Colour Contour Pens dried up in 9 months so I wonder if these liquid lip velvets will dry out or go bad much faster than other brands. As you can see, the applicator is a wand and it is surprisingly easy to apply! It also gives quite a soft edge which I prefer. For more precision, I recommend using a lip brush.

And just for comparison, here is Bright Plum swatched alongside a few other lipsticks.





Here’s how I wear it for this post. Midnight Brown on my eyes and Bright Plum on my lips.





Have you tried these? I think they’re worth a try. You can shop it at Burberry online. They deliver worldwide, for free! And of course, you can get them at Sephora (affiliate links. If you purchase from here, I’ll get a small amount of commission).



xoxo Lily