Sunday Stash Shopping #85: Super Easy Smokey Eye

It’s Friday night. I usually write my posts earlier then schedule them to be posted later. That way I stress less, and I can write whenever I’m free. My dad just had a surgery to remove his gallbladder. There are lots of stones in there, and he was in pain, so after getting a second opinion, he decided to get it removed. He’s in the hospital as I’m typing this and the surgery went well. Hope he’ll get to go home in 2 days.





I’ve been skipping eye makeup a lot lately, but when I finally use eye shadows, I try to play with different makeup looks. Thing is, it doesn’t matter what different colours I use, all the eye makeup end up looking the same. I don’t like piling on eye shadows so you can see every stroke and hue 10 meters away and that’s probably the main reason. Anyway, I bought 2 new Burberry eye shadows, Almond and Taupe Brown and they are the perfect colours for a simple smokey eye. Almond is a matte medium beige that is about 3 tones darker than my skin. Taupe Brown is an ashy dark brown that also works well on the brows too.





I apply Taupe Brown on my mobile lid close to my lash line and then blend out using Almond. Since it’s a smokey eye, I use Taupe Brown to smudge my lower lash line as well. I usually keep it tight and not smudge it too low to avoid looking like a panda. However, the panda eye look does suit some people. Then, I used a dark grey pencil liner to line my eyes (top and bottom lash line) and smudged it out using a synthetic pencil brush. At this point, everything should look messy and hazy, nothing defined – Very much like being punched in the eye. So, with the same pencil, I lined close to my waterline and added mascara. Here’s a close up of what it looks like. A smokey eye nearly always looks better with false lashes but meh, I’m just too lazy. And I was going out for groceries, not for anything glitzy. Due to the darkness on my eyes, I had to amp up the brows too, so it’s a little more defined, and much darker than I’d usually wear. I kept the blush light pink and the lips nude with Marc Jacobs New Nudes in Role Play.





Here’s another shot of the entire face.





Most of the time, I’d use a dark eye shadow stick and smudge it all over my eyes but it’s nice to use powder shadows as well. I forget they actually do look better when I invest some time into it. Hope your weekend is lovely. It’ll be the start of a week’s school holidays and while it’s great everyone’s home, it also means there will be more time for them to play AND FIGHT and SCREAM and cry. LOL! Well, I’m just happy I don’t have to drive around in the hot sun for one whole week.

Hope you enjoyed today’s look and if you give it a try, let me know how it works for you!



xoxo Lily




  • Hope your dad feels better soon!

    I like this look; very simple, but has impact šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Thank you. Dad is home and surgery was a success šŸ™‚

  • Hope your dad heals quickly! Burberry eyeshadows were my faves when I used to wear eyeshadows lol lol! You look beautiful Lily! your skin is looking pretty flawless these days!

    • Lily

      Thanks Tracy. I think the skincare I’ve been using really agree with me! My dad is already out and about which is great šŸ™‚

  • I hope your dad gets better soon <3
    Seeing that I'm so disappointed with the burberry eyeshadow sticks, how do these eyeshadows stand in performance during the day?

    • Lily

      These powder shadows are really good actually. I’ve been using Almond all over my lids (using a fluffy blending brush to diffuse the colours) as an every day shade, and it lasts the whole time I’m out. That’s usually at least 5 hours. I’ve left it on for 8 hours before, and it only just faded a little.

  • ML Chan

    Hope uncle feels better soon šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      He’s much better now, thanks ML! He’s already out for breakfast at his favourite place.

      • ML Chan

        For an Ipoh-ite, that’s good!

  • I hope your dad doing well and he’s home by now, Lily. I remember you telling me that you like dark eyeshadows because it’s easy to smoke it out and frankly I have been taking a tip from your book and wearing my eye makeup the same way too. I have come to the conclusion that I shall never ever be great at blending eyeshadows and showing all the different gradients and I just don’t have the time for it. Ohh, and I’ll add Taupe Brown and Almond into my list to buy. šŸ™ŠšŸ™ˆ

    • Lily

      Hey Shireen, yes, I love darker eye shadows. And the eyeshadow sticks are even easier. Just swipe, smudge with fingers, mascara and done. If you already have those blending shades, like dark beige, then you don’t even need Almond. Taupe Brown is just an ashy dark brown but the texture of these eye shadows is great šŸ™‚

  • Lily

    Dad is definitely better now. Thanks Elena. I pondered for a long time, and finally got Almond. Didn’t regret it for one bit!