Review: Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip

I bought these a few weeks ago when I was in KL. Bobbi Brown isn’t available where I live, so it’s a rare chance for me to actually go to a store and have a swatch fest. At that time, the Art Stick Liquid Lip was still fairly new so I was naturally curious. After swatching all the colours, I tried on a couple. My favourite bold was Plum Noir. It’s a rich deep red which is slightly burgundy and it stayed on without fading for 5 hours. I was impressed! I bought 2 colours, Vintage Pink and Papaya. I was told Papaya was selling fast and Vintage Pink was limited edition. Either way, I thought I’d get more wear out of them compared to a deep vavavoom red.





These Art Stick Liquid Lips are squeezable tubes and they work like paint tubes. Basically, just squeeze some out and start applying on your lips.





I’ve seen a lot of promo videos on Instagram and YouTube and the vloggers or social influencers, what have you, apply the lip paint directly from the plastic tip. Then voila, they suddenly get precise looking application *smack lips*. But from all the videos I have seen, NONE of them showed the full process of them applying the cleanly lined lips. They were all edited and cut. Thing is, I have tried and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a super clean line when you apply it directly from the tube. It will be uneven and the corners of the lips are the most difficult area to apply. So I tried using finger application, but in the end, it works best with a brush. So that is why the SA at Bobbi Brown insisted I use a brush. Also, this…





Yes, it does get messy when you apply directly from the tube, so you gotta wipe it clean. My preferred method of application is actually to squeeze some out at the back of my hand and either dab it onto my lips using my fingers (which works fine with lighter colours) or apply with a lip brush for more precision. The Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip is very pigmented, and I find that while they are not the most comfortable, they are still creamy and only slightly drying. Also, they do transfer. However, when I apply with a lip brush, blot and reapply, and blot again, the colours tend to stay longer without transferring as much. The colours can be sheered out when mixed with clear gloss or when applied sparingly on top of lip balm, but the staying power will be reduced dramatically.





Vintage Pink is a muted mauve rose on me, and it is a low key every day lip. Here is how it looks on me.





Papaya is a coral which warms up and brightens my complexion, but not so bright that it looks neon. I’m too old for neon! I also like this sheered out on top of a lip balm because the finish is shinier and juicier.





Have you tried these yet? I paid RM95 for each and they’re 5ml each.



xoxo Lily