Empties and Affordable Discoveries

Here’s a short roundup of what I used up lately. Featured here are all skincare, because for makeup, I put it up on Instagram. This time round, I have 3 cleansers, 1 dry shampoo, 1 sunscreen, 1 serum, 1 mist, 1 toner. These are the things I use daily, so no surprises they’d be gone.



The jumbo size of Dermalogica Precleanse was a good investment, but pricey. Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown, Dr LeWinn’s and many other brands have really good cleansing oils but they are all above RM100 for +/- 150ml. So, I’ve been looking for more affordable options and I found some. Senka (part of Shiseido) Perfect Watery Oil is great. It doesn’t break me out, doesn’t dry out my skin and it only costs less than RM30. There are promotions and discounts all the time, and they are widely available. Orbis The Cleansing One is a gift from a friend (thanks, S!), and this is not available in Malaysia, I don’t think. She got it in Singapore. This one is richer and thicker in texture, and it leaves my skin softer after use. Our weak currency makes this cleansing oil more expensive, but it’s still less than RM100. I think it’s about SGD30? If anyone knows, please let me know!



I was talking about the Simple Micellar Water, and a reader told me about the Maybelline Micellar Water, the pink one. I bought it and tried, and YES, it is better because this one doesn’t sting my eyes (thanks, Hari!). It removes makeup effectively, and it also removes liquid liner and mascara easily. I think it’s also less than RM30. Last but not least, a hydrating toner / lotion for dry skin that actually works. I read the review on My Women Stuff and I’ve been looking for it. Finally, the Hada Labo (Gokyjyun) Premium Hydrating Lotion is only made available in my city recently. I bought one for my mom, one for myself, and another for my grandma. I think I bought it for about RM45 a bottle, launching sale. I will keep an eye out for a sale again and repurchase this. It has kept my skin soft and hydrated. I layer another hydrating serum on top for good measure (currently using Caudalie) and my skin texture looks so much more plump.

Have you discovered anything new and affordable lately? I am a self professed skincare and makeup snob but that’s because most of the time, drugstore / pharmacy brands just don’t work on my skin. When I find some good ones, I really appreciate them! Do you have any favourites?


xoxo Lily



  • Annie Phuong Lam

    Hi Lily, Are you going to repurchase Shiseido Sunscreen but with the new WetForce formula? I am currently using BIORE Aqua Rich spf50 (2017 formula) and wonder if the new Shiseido worth a try? I had used shiseido ultimate spf30 5 years ago and loved it.

    • Lily

      I think this Shiseido wet force is my 4th bottle and I have another backup in my cupboard. It’s my HG sunscreen!

  • I want to repurchase Pre-Cleanse again because I miss it so much but yes, it’s freaking pricey. I don’t know if I can find Senka here but I’ll look for it. I have been thinking of getting Heimish Cleansing Balm, seems everyone is raving about it, have you try that?

    • Lily

      It’s the first time I hear of Heimish Cleansing Balm! I still have quite a few bottles of cleansing oils in my cupboard, so I’m trying to use them up before buying anything else. I’ve been doing this for the last 2 years, making sure there aren’t more than 2 backups in my skincare cupboard, and it looks so much more manageable!

  • Awww, you’re welcome! Glad you liked it! By the way, L’oreal has their version of the cleansing water too! Haven’t tried those but I’ve heard good things.

    • Lily

      Yes, thanks for the recommendation! If you happen to try the L’Oreal one, do let me know 🙂