Review and Swatches: Chanel Ombre Premiere Eye Makeup Collection 2017

Hey guys, I only scheduled this post for this week, and so I thought I’d make this a lengthy one. Well, more than usual. It’s about eye shadows after all. When it comes to makeup, my first obsession is eye shadow. I learned how to blend my eye shadows before learning what foundation shade suited me. There you go 🙂

So grab a drink, or maybe a snack. Are we ready?

Chanel came out with some single powder eye shadows and some cream shadows. It’s been a long time since I bought some Chanel cream shadows, and my last one was Ebloui, in the old sponge formula. Now, the creams (Ombre Premier Longwear Cream Eyeshadow – 8 shades launched) are softer, even more spongy and so much more pigmented. Compared to the old formula, these stay on my unprimed lids the whole day without creasing, and just fading slightly. This formula sets quite fast. You probably have about a 30-second window before it starts to dry. Also, the old ones were so sparkly. If you were not a fan, then you might like the new ones. No bling.



The powder eye shadows (Ombre Premier Longwear Powder Eyeshadow – 16 shades) that were sent to me are all pigmented and smooth, and they apply beautifully, no complaints. I’ve read some reviews that different shades have different textures. Some are drier and less pigmented, but I haven’t played with all the shades to inform you otherwise. I guess you’ll have to go to the counter to try it on yourself before committing to a purchase. I have created different looks for you, so I’ll talk more about the shades later.



Along with this collection, there’s a brow gel (Le Gel Sourcil – 3 shades) and a couple of dual ended eye brushes. The brow gel keeps my brows in place without making them stiff and crunchy. Mine is the transparent one. Guys, I hate crunchy lashes and crunchy brows. I know many of you don’t mind, but somehow, it bothers me.



The eye shadow brushes are really soft. While they are quite dense, they do not scratch my lids. The Retractable Dual-Tip Eye Contouring Brush has a small pencil brush one on end and a smaller eyeshadow brush on the other. The Retractable Dual-Tip Eyeshadow Brush has a blending brush on one end, and a dense eyeshadow brush on the other to pat on colour on the lids. I like that they are retractable so they are more hygienic for travel. They are also easy to clean, and dry relatively fast.

Now onto the looks.



For the first look, I decided to keep it fresh and simple. I applied Scintillance all over my lids and used Satin Noir, the black powder eye shadow as liner. Scintillance is a pale pink beige on me, with very fine micro shimmers so it brightens tired eyes. Satin Noir is so pigmented, I don’t have to really pack on the colour. I used a thin angled brush and carefully pat it very close to my lash line.



Next, I used cream Pourpre Profond together with Desert Rouge. Pourpre Profond reminds me of Ebloui, but the latter is definitely more shimmery, lighter and more like eggplant. I also compared Desert Rouge with the red in Candeur et Experience, and Desert Rouge is lighter and less brown. Here are the swatches.



And onto the look. I used Pourpre Profond as base and Desert Rouge to blend on one eye, and on the other eye I gave Desert Rouge a miss for a more casual look. I didn’t blend Pourpre Profond fast enough, so you can see that the edges are a bit patchy. When it tried using it again and blended immediately, the finish is much better.



Last but not least, we have Talpa and Noir Petrole. Talpa I think will be quite a popular shade. It’s a soft taupe that flatters all skin tones, and the texture is sublime. I’ve been wearing it alone very frequently. Noir Petrole is a blackened olive and this applies patchier than the rest. I tried to apply a thin layer on my lids but it won’t go on smoothly. I need to apply a few layers to get it to look even. So for this look, I used Talpa on top on Noir Petrole to smooth it out and it turned out well.



Here ends my super lengthy review. Was that one cup or 2 cups of tea’s duration? LOL! I hope you enjoyed this, because it took me literally 3 weeks to prepare this post. I don’t wear a full face of makeup often nowadays, so I only take the FOTD when I do. If you love playing with eye shadows as much as I do, this collection is worth a look. There are plenty of colours for you to choose from, and I’m pretty sure there will be some that catch your eye. They are already available in most countries, and in Malaysia, this collection is launching tomorrow 1 June.



Which is your favourite look?


xoxo Lily