Review: Dior Addict Lacquer Stick

The Dior Addict Lacquer Stick (RM125) was launched last month. Did you get a chance to test them out? These are in a new black lacquered tube with pink neon highlights. Look at the lipstick tube in the photo below. Do you see the pink framing the tube? It’s a subtle change, but gives it such a mod and stylish look. In different light, the pink changes to red and even fuchsia. Yes, I’ve been playing with it 🙂



Instead of having a shiny lip lacquer in liquid form, Dior decided to concentrate it into easy to wear stick. So you have your familiar lipstick AND the pigmented smooth shine of a lip lacquer. Best of both worlds – that’s the idea, I guess. I have Diablo and Party Red, and I find the textures of these differ from each other.



Here are the swatches first, and let me just put it out there, that Party Red looks more flattering on me. I find Diablo a little too cool for my skin tone, but I know this kind of shade is very popular among the younger ladies, especially those who are K Pop fans.



Diablo applies quite patchy. The first swipe drags on my lips and I need to apply a few layers to get the smooth shiny finish. I’m not sure if it’s because of the white pigment in this shade, but compared to Party Red, Diablo is more difficult to apply somehow. The photo you see below is an accurate representation of how neon Diablo is. I use my vanity light, and the photo is not as bright as I’d like it to be, but I don’t want to distort the colour. Natural sunlight makes Diablo look much warmer than it really is.



Party Red is an orange red, which I think is more like vermillion, and it complements warm skin tone very well. This one applies smoothly and gives even opaque coverage in just one swipe. I can tone it down by blotting off some pigment and wear it as a stain, and it’s more wearable for daily grocery run. I can’t do that for Diablo, because again, patchy.



I haven’t had the chance to test out the rest of the colours in store but I heard they were sold out within the first few days of launch. I’d be interested to look at some neutral every day colours, because these are really comfortable to wear. Also, if you’re interested in the 2 nail polishes, I showed them on my Instagram account. Go have a look if you’re interested. Dior’s nail polishes have yet to disappoint me. They are easy to apply, even for clumsy old me!

If you tried any of these, do let me know what you think!


xoxo Lily




  • Oh this new Diablo is so different from the previous old Diablos from other Dior lipsticks…. I remembered my first Dior gloss was a vermillion named Diablo. Sorry to hear it’s patchy…. even I cant pull off that pink!

    • Lily

      Right? I remember a Diablo gloss that was a bold vermillion too! Yeah, a little patchy but after a few swipes, it looks a lot better 🙂

  • Shame about Diablo because the shade is actually really pretty. I do like the looks pf Party Red, it’s totally my kind of shade too.

    • Lily

      I wore Party Red the other day, and my mom was like, ooh, nice colour! Let me try!
      And the next thing I knew, she pocketed it in her handbag. *cry*

      • Hahaha! That’s what mum’s do! LOL!

  • I like Diablo! (You know I am always drawn to pinks like that. LOL) It is a bit frustrating when you find different colors in the same range aren’t consistent. I wonder how these Lacquer Sticks compare to the old Dior Addict Extremes. Any thought? 😉

    • Lily

      I remember the old Dior Addict Extremes to be just as pigmented, but less shiny. These are pigmented and give a glossy finish which makes the lips look juicier!

  • I love Party Red on you. True that Diablo is abit k pop, I couldnt pull it off.. Are they moisturizing? They sure like like they are.
    By the way I wanted to ask you, completely non related to this, which undereye concealers do you like? Mine is running out and because its the Bobbi Brown Serum (whatever its called, you know which one I mean) one, which I really love but costs nearly double the price as others, I wanted to get something else.

    • Lily

      Thanks Sofia. I don’t wear concealer much and that’s why I still have the Bobbi Brown concealer! I remember liking the Maybelline age rewind concealer but hate the sponge that falls off. The Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer is very light and I still use it sometimes, but it is now drier on my skin than I remember. Erm, for fuller coverage, then NARS creamy concealer but it creases. Hahahaha I’m not really helping, am I?

      • Hahaha I hate the Nars one, because as you say it creases, also I find it too “illuminating”, it makes me feel like i’m sweating under my eyes! 😛

      • PS might have to buy the Bobbi Brown one again, I really like it…