Sunday Stash Shopping #88: Lorac Pro Palette

Happy Sunday!

Thought I’d show you the makeup I did a while back. I took the photos in front of my vanity, so the light is cooler, and darker. If it was brighter, I could treat it as a ring light! Ah, unfortunate. I used the Lorac Pro Palette, with some neutrals on the lids and a hint of gold accents near the lash lines. I actually used liquid liner! I’m so lazy, I usually stick to pencils so I could just smudge and call it a day. This one turned out well, so here it is.



I just realized I was still wearing my earphone when I edited the photos. LOL! Oh well. On my cheeks, I was wearing an old Lunasol blush and on my lips, Dior Lip Glow Lilac. Can’t remember what foundation I was wearing though. Might have been Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation in Warm Ivory.

Great weekend to you!


xoxo Lily