Hair Is Fabric

This is long overdue. I purchased this during Deciem’s Black Friday sale last year, so it’s been well over 6 months. I bought the HIF (Hair Is Fabric) set of 3 shampoos – one for volumizing, another for hair growth and another for detox. I gave the volumizing one to my mom, and have been alternating between hair growth and detox. I get pimples on my scalp which is really annoying and FYI, my scalp gets greasy very quickly. Due to my oily scalp and hormonal issues, my hair has been thinning too.



First of all, let me just say that the company was not well prepared for the volume of orders they received. It was a mess. Multiple emails were not replied until a few weeks later. And if I remembered correctly, it took more than 2 months for me to get my order delivered to me. I think I read that this is quite a persistent issue, hence, having a bigger company on board made sense. Then, a few years down the road, I wouldn’t be surprised if Estee Lauder took over completely. Who knows?

Back to the shampoos and let’s cut to the chase. I like them. I will repurchase. They are of gel texture and what I do is to squeeze some onto my palm, add some water then massage onto my scalp. Leave on for 3 minutes, then rinse. When my scalp is oily, it doesn’t foam. When it’s not as oily, it lathers nicely. I don’t use conditioner after this, and my hair is kept soft with no tangling. I don’t know if there is any new hair growth, but I do notice there is less hair fall which is great. My scalp usually gets greasy in less than 10 hours, but when I use these, my scalp still looks OK after 12 hours.

It’s a struggle finding the right shampoo for me. If you have similar problems, what do you use?


xoxo Lily



  • I like them too! I wish they came in a pump kind of bottle though.

    • Lily

      You’re right! That would be so much easier. My tube of intensive detox is running out. Might have to repurchase 🙂

  • Oh I have naturally frizzy hair (yuck!) so finding haircare that suits me is always a challenge! I like the packaging of these, different and cool looking!… Though maybe a pain to squeeze out….

    • Lily

      It is somewhat a learning curve, squeezing out the product like toothpaste. My hair is so fine, with no body and I hate my oily scalp. I’m on a home treatment using a salon brand, and I think my scalp is reacting really well to it. It uses essential oils, and after 1 treatment, my scalp has been less oily the last 2 days! I need 2 treatments a week, and after a few times, I’ll report back. They also have treatments for frizzy hair etc. It’s an Italian brand, Napuro. Have you heard of it?

      • I used to have fine straight hair and oily scalp, so I know your struggles. Then somehow a few years ago my hair changed to “Spanish texture” haha (like most people in my Spanish side of the family have) which is frizzy and unruly, such a pain. I haven’t heard of Napuro will check them out!

        • Lily

          Sorry I think it’s called Napura.
          I wish my hair changes to a thicker texture! I’ve always had fine hair and it’s not flattering when my hair is thinning. I’m quite upset about it 🙁

          • Though your haircut goes well right now!

            • Lily

              I need to keep it short. It’s easier to manage 🙂

  • My scalp is fine but as you already know by now, I have red, itchy rashes on my hairline, just at the forehead areas though which is strange. It’s gone for now after I switched to SLS free haircare but I am not 100% positive the rashes are gone for good. My pessimistic self is still waiting for them to come back. LOL!

    And I agree that Deciem is not equipped to handle the massive volume of orders. I usually shop through their site as they are Canadian and it’s easier and cheaper for me but so many of their products are out of stock until now. And the wait list is freaking crazy too. You’re right about Estee Lauder buying a small stake, it might help and I also won’t be surprised if Estee Lauder takes over in the near future.

    • Lily

      I’m trying to use shampoos free of SLS too. Body wash too. It’s hard to avoid it completely, and we have to pay premium to avoid this ingredient, but switching out shampoos and body wash which we use so regularly helps, I think.