Scents and Memories

I have placenta brain. I tend to be more forgetful lately, and I also forgot a lot of things that happened when I was at university about… 20 years ago. That’s quite telling how old I am now, isn’t it? I have nothing to hide. I’m turning 39 years old in August. Then again, sometimes, when someone walks past me and I get a whiff of their perfume, I’d get a flashback to my much younger days.

Dior J’adore reminds me of my teenage days. My mom used to wear it a lot. I remember the night of my 16th birthday. It was so sweet of my parents to make a big deal out of it, inviting a few of my best girl friends to a private party. It was the first time I put on powder foundation and lipstick. I clearly remember my mom telling me that I was a grown up now, and a little makeup didn’t hurt even though I didn’t need it.

Not just perfumes. The smell of roast pig and joss sticks bring me waaaay back to when I was about 4 years old I think. I remember looking up to all these tall people, so many people in my house. It was Chinese New Year and there were fireworks everywhere. I remember one of the fireworks fell and started shooting side ways instead of up. Everyone screamed and ran and one shot in between my dad’s pants! he still has the burnt pants as proof. Hahahaha! Such a close call.

Vanilla brings me back to my college years. It’s either my Perth friends friggin love vanilla, or it was trendy back in the 90s. I don’t remember wearing any perfume back then, but every time I get a whiff, I’d get flashbacks of my wild days.



Then recently, I was gifted Jo Malone Star Magnolia. I’ve been wearing it a lot, and I know how I will remember this perfume in the future. It’s a limited edition, and I don’t know if you can still hunt one down, but this one makes me feel romantic and strong at the same time. I feel feminine when I wear it, but unique too because not many people smell like Star Magnolia. I am going through a lot of changes, as 2017 has been a trying and triumphant one so far so I know I will treasure this scent very much. One that reminds me how I find myself again, and one that reminds me how soft and yet, resilient I can be.

There are so many treasures at Jo Malone. I need more time to unearth them one by one. Pricey, yes, indeed. But so, so special.



What scent is your favourite? Is there any particular scent that brings back treasured memories?


xoxo Lily