What Would You Do? What Do You Think?

Do you remember my previous review about a moisturizer I bought, the one that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND because I loved it so much? It’s the Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream. Paris B of My Women Stuff recently wrote a positive review as well, but she found it weird that the cream is not sold anywhere! The last I checked, before I posted my review, it was still available online. I nearly bought a back up of it but didn’t. Because of Paris’s Sherlock Holmes effort, we are finally brought to light. The cream is pulled out because there is problem with it. Please read her post for more information. If you’re only interested in Kiehl’s replies, then scroll to the end of the post where she addresses it.



Needless to say, I am conflicted. I hope none of you bought the cream after my post, but I wouldn’t think you could because it was pulled out of the shelves very soon after my post. First of all, Kiehl’s NY’s response is to stop using the cream. But dude, I like the cream, and it does well for my skin! Secondly, I still have more than half a tub left. You’re asking me to chuck it? Which brings me to – Is Kiehl’s going to recall the product and issue a refund? They have been doing it so quietly that no one knows about this!

Another thing. I posted a photo of this cream on Instagram, tagging Kiehl’s Malaysia, and by that time, the cream would have been pulled out of the shelves. In my caption, I clearly wrote that I love this cream and full review is up on the blog. Any diligent PR would have seen this. And any ETHICAL company would contact me to say that the cream has been taken out of the shelves temporarily due to said reasons, and then I could at least tell my readers to wait for the cream to be relaunched (if that will ever happen!). But NOOOO, silence.

I am not in touch with Kiehl’s in any way, but guys, this is so friggin shady! I would expect at least an announcement on their site. If they don’t want to recall the product, if they don’t want to refund, sure, whatever, but at least warn the customers who already bought the cream of the possible negative side effects! If they actually advise to STOP USING THE CREAM, then what they have been doing (which is nothing) is UNACCEPTABLE! Can you tell I’m cheesed off?

Yes, I really love the cream. No, it didn’t give me any negative side effects YET. So, shall I continue using the cream? Shall I take it back to Kiehl’s and demand a refund? Truth be told, the sales people probably know nothing about this too. If Paris didn’t write about this, I’d be clueless and continue using, thinking how lovely this cream is. Thank you Paris for the expose! 

Pulling the cream out of the shelves quickly is one thing. Not informing the public about it is another. This does not just leave a sour taste in my mouth. I’m annoyed that they are so secretive about this, like sweeping it under the carpet or something. Some of you might think, if the cream works so well on me, I shouldn’t be worried if it causes skin irritation on other people. Honestly, that has occurred to me. But I don’t know… that’s why I’m conflicted.

Now, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Actually, the real question is, what CAN I do? What do you think of the whole situation? More people should know about this!


Update 9 June 2017

I wrote an email to Kiehl’s and this is their response.

So if you bought the cream, you can go to a Kiehl’s outlet nearest to you and get an exchange or refund.


Update 11 June 2017

I went to get a refund, and since I paid using credit card, they said they’d have to fill in a form and it’ll take 3 MONTHS for the amount to be credited back into my account. It’ll be easier if you just get an exchange, they said. Also, the staff told me they received an email from their head office saying that those who liked this cream can continue using it. This is contrary to what Kiehl’s told Paris B on twitter. This is also NOT mentioned in the email above. In my email to Kiehl’s, I mentioned very clearly that I really liked using the cream. In her reply to me, she should have made it clear that I could continue using the cream. It is not put in writing, and is only conveyed me through the staff at Kiehl’s Ipoh store.

I am quite appalled at the way they handle this. Why not tell me in writing that I could continue using this cream? I asked the staff to show me the email, which of course was denied. I got an exchange to another moisturizer instead, just to be over and done with. I don’t want to spend the next 3 months monitoring my account to see if there’s a refund.

Personally, this incident has put me off the brand. I’d take my money and spend it elsewhere. Don’t know about you but I prefer to give my money to more deserving, more ethical companies.



xoxo Lily