Sunday Stash Shopping #94: Dior Electrify 357

I was sent a few Dior eyeshadow palettes, and newly reformulated ones, and I thought I’d talk about them individually. I planned on a post to showcase all of them, but I wanted to show you the looks I created as well. Instead of having them in 1 super lengthy post, I’d split them into 4 different posts. This way, I can keep the review short and sweet.



Today, I’ll talk about Electrify 357. This is one of the palettes I wouldn’t pick for myself. I’m a neutral lover, mainly because I can use the colours day in day out without thinking too much. When I saw this palette, I did ask myself how often I’d wear it, and I was pleasantly surprised.


Dior eyeshadow palette year 2017 | 357 Electrify


Top left is a peachy pink that isn’t too cool against my warm skin tone. Top right is a sheer sparkly pearl which acts more like a ‘top coat’ for your eye shadows for extra bling. Bottom right is a deep blackened teal with bluish silver micro shimmers. On top of a dark base, this colour pops as a jewel toned blue. Bottom left looks like seafoam blue with less green. Can it be a cross between seafoam and sky blue? The centre shade is a very light mint green that looks more off white on my skin.



For an every day look, I like to apply a sheer wash of peach all over my lid and the darkest blue around the rim of my eyes. When used alone, the dark blue looks more like a soft black. If you’re shy about using blue, but want the extra whiteness it gives your eyes, then this is it. Here’s what it looks like when worn. Bet you can’t even tell.



And this one is where I experimented with the deep blue on top of a blue eyeliner. Just for fun.



Oh by the way, look at my lashes. You can actually SEE my lashes! This is all thanks to Dior’s new Diorshow Pump ‘n’ Volume mascara which gives you crazy volume in just one coat. What you see here is 2 coats. Usually, even after 3 coats, you can’t see my lashes against dark eye shadows. I am super impressed! One thing though, it tends to clump. So, I wipe off some excess from the wand and apply. OMG the volume!! Anyhoo, my favourite look is still the barely there, every day simple makeup… even though it’s nice to play and go crazy at home.



Here, I’m wearing Dior Lip Glow in Lilac and no blush. How is your weekend so far? Yesterday I painted my nails white, and I forgot how lovely it is. Later today, I’m going to browse for an off the shoulder top because I saw Shireen wearing it and she looked AMAZING!

Next week, I’ll talk about another palette. Is there anyone you want to read about first? The purple one (Magnify) or the warm orange one (Inflame) or the neutral khaki one (Expose)?


xoxo Lily




  • Back in the days, blue and purple eyeshadow palettes were my top choice. But, just like you, I have become a neutral eyeshadow lover. I am still fascinated by the color comb of Electrify. This is how Dior used to do colors and it is refreshing to see it again. I’d love to see more looks you create with these beautiful quints!

    • Lily

      I used to love purple eye shadows, and even considered it a neutral. HAHAHA!!

  • MakeupWithdrawal

    Electrify is really satisfying to lay eyes on, but looks much more tame when swatched. I really like the softer look you did with it, and how you amped it up over eyeliner. Inflame next please!(Oh please!!!)

    • Lily

      Inflame it is, Mimi! I’m trying to think what to do with the burnt oranges!

  • Mwah! Thank you for such a lovely compliment, Lily! Hugs! I hope you find an off shoulder top and pleaseeeee show us! And wow, the Dior mascara does look lovely on your lashes, do you like it better than MJ? Shit…another thing for me to buy and try. LOL!

    • Lily

      You looked so chic, I had to share šŸ™‚
      I wouldn’t say which is better mascara wise, they’re so different! MJ is more of an all rounder, but if you’re purely looking for volume, go for this Dior one. It’s OMG jaw dropping!

  • Shu Ting

    ooooh love your sexy royal blue cat eye (you showed only one eye mah). Is that crease intentional? :p

    Yeah could see your lashes! Woohooo!! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ Chinese eyes = little arrow lashes. I know the pain. I am Chinese too. hahahaha

    • Lily

      Hey Shu Ting. Yes, the crease is intentional šŸ™‚ Yes yes, little arrow lashes. So jealous of those with thicker longer lashes!