Lately… some updates. And emptied products.

Happy National Day to Malaysians! Selamat Merdeka!

I want to go through some empties and also to update you on what’s been happening behind the screen. As you can see, my posts have been quite sporadic. It’s the same story, really. Life took over. Kids take most of my time, energy and patience, and when I finally have some quiet time to myself, I don’t want to spend it sitting in front of the computer. I’ve been exercising, I’ve been reading, I’ve been catching up on dramas, and I’ve been taking baths. It’s been quite mundane, chauffeuring the kids to and from school, buying groceries, cooking, and I want to feel. It’s been so boring I feel like a robot. I want to laugh out loud, I want to get worked up, I want to cry, I want all the feelz, for some reason. Don’t get me wrong. I love my mundane life. I prefer to cry over a fictional drama. I prefer to get angry with fictional characters. I’m happy I have some time to read now. I don’t even know what to read sometimes, but I know I prefer mindless reading.



Beauty wise, I’ve been digging up some makeup every week and try to use them. If I don’t like using a certain makeup item anymore, I just chuck it in a box and give it to someone who appreciates it more. I try to be less boring and use more colours, but darn, I’m just a neutral girl at heart. I can just change up a look by changing my lip colour. The photo above shows the products I’ve used up. There are some I’d buy again, but there are also some I won’t. What works for me might not work for you, but I’ve reviewed most of them here. Just do a quick search if you’re interested.

Looking at this photo made me realize I’m probably scrapped from Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown’s list. Haven’t heard from them for a while! But I have been buying quite a few Bobbi Brown things, because I genuinely like them. The few Bobbi Brown things I reviewed recently are all purchased by me, in case you thought they sent to me as PR samples.

Do you follow me on Instagram? Lately, I’ve been doing some videos and get ready with me on Instastories. They’re gone 24 hours after I upload them though. So if you’ve missed it, then it’s gone. Here are some of the looks I created. Mostly every day makeup, and one on how I apply red lips with diffused edges. Some of you suggested I do YouTube videos, but in all honesty, YouTube doesn’t need me. There are enough makeup tips there to last you a lifetime! Perhaps one day, I’ll add a private video here and there, but no promises.


every day makeup looks


So here we are. The last day of August. We’ll be hearing Christmas songs in malls soon enough! Here’s to 4 more months of 2017 and no more hurricanes or typhoons please!


xoxo Lily



  • Sounds like you’re going through some sort of phase in your life that you are craving something little different from your usual day to day routine. Maybe take up a hobby? Or learn a craft or enrolling in a dance class? Sounds crazy but it might give you the little oomph! that you need.

    I went through what you’re feeling now last year which was why I wanted to scrape the blog, I needed the change. Going back to work even though it’s just part time and the pay is pathetic helped me, it was what I needed.

    I need to change my makeup too or at least dig out the others that are still in box since our move in early July. The only major changes in my routine these days are the addition of Asian skincare products, my skin is definitely improving a hell lot though.

    • Lily

      I took up blogging as a hobby, and honestly, I NEVER thought I’d stick with it for more than 6 years. It’s nuts because I’m really fickle and I don’t really stick to one thing for long. I still don’t have the time to go to classes yet, but when Ashton goes to kindergarten next year, I’ll have some time to myself.
      Yes, I’ve noticed you’re using a lot of Asian skincare products. Glad to know they work for you! I’m not fixing what’s not broken, so I’ll just stick to what I’m doing even though I’m really curious. LOL! I love essences though, so I’ll always be using those. I like Hada Labo premium essence. So affordable and so effective.

  • I already told you I’m enjoying your Inst tutorials! THey give me great tips and ideas. Mundane life is good too, enjoy, lol!
    I wanted to ask you something about cleansing. (laugh at me if you want). I always remove makeup /wash face at night first with an oil cleanser then with something else like a gel cleanser. Both steps are rinse off with water products. Later on in a few months if I find bending over the sink too uncomfortable, what do you suggest? Miscellar waters? Or will I not have problems to bend over the sink?…

    • Lily

      Thanks Sofia. I don’t remember having problems with washing my face though… If there really is, I’d suggest getting a wash cloth. Easy. Solves all problems!

      • Ha ok! I was just looking ahead just in case. I hope there will be no problems!

        • Lily

          Don’t worry Sofia. You might have to get your husband to cut your toenails though. I remember that was impossible!!

          • I hope he’ll be carefull with my toenails! haha

  • Hullo! Only now catching up with blog reading, and you know what? I’m in that rut too. I think it must be that time of year or something. I’ve been lax about makeup, although I’m still as obsessed about skincare (although I’m keeping to a lighter routine these days) so I should kick my butt in gear and actually WEAR SOME! Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and no, you aren’t the only one not hearing from the usual suspects. Methinks directions have changed somewhat. But c’est la vie. We’ll just have to do what we’ve always done – focus on what we love 😀

    • Lily

      Hullo hullo! Thank you for dropping by! Yes, in a rut and been offline mostly, but life is good and that’s all that matters 🙂 I’ve been clothes shopping lately, and oh gosh, it’s also a dangerous habit. Feels like I want to revamp my entire closet. HAHAHA!

  • life has been all kinds of hectic lately…. sorry ive not been catching up with my blog reading, but i’ve seen your get ready instastories!! I love them… but i’m too shy to do similar ones. How do you like that La Mer mask?

    • Lily

      Hey Linda, that La Mer mask is great but pricey. There are still a few masks I need to go through, and most of the time, I repurchase hydrating masks. I find those work best on my skin. I do Instastories sometimes but the kids are too noisy!