Sunday Stash Shopping #96: Dior Expose 657

From my last post, majority of you wanted to see Dior Expose first so here it is. I created a few looks to show you how to wear this palette. So that leaves us the purple one for next week.


Dior eyeshadow palette Expose 657


At first glance, Dior Expose is warm with golden khaki as the main theme. I expected it to be more green, but it turned out to be more golden.


Dior eyeshadow palette Expose 657 swatches


Unlike the other 3 palettes, all the colors in Dior Expose have a satin, slight shimmery finish. They are all pigmented and smooth. I wish the center shade is deeper in khaki. As you can see in the swatch above, the last 2 shades look quite similar, and when applied on the eyes side by side, they don’t provide much contrast. That said, they are both lovely colors. If the center shade is a deeper olive, the palette will have so much more contrast.

I created 2 similar looks here with Dior Expose. One is with the dark warm brown on the inner and outer third of my eye, with the golden green (bottom left) at the center of my lid. I added a thin line of liquid liner on my upper lash line for more definition. You might not notice but I pulled the brown a little higher than my eye socket to fake a slightly larger eye.

The other look (my right eye, your left) is with the center shade, the golden khaki on my lid with the dark brown on the outer corner of my eyes. I actually tried a gradient golden green to golden khaki to brown, but failed terribly. Not enough contrast. I skipped the liner for this look and used mascara only.


makeup look using Dior Expose


On my lips I’m wearing Dior Addict lipstick in Tribale and on my cheeks – I don’t remember. LOL!


every day makeup look using Dior Expose


And here for the next look, I’m only using the rose gold shade (top left) on my lid. I wanted it to be less warm, so I toned it down by adding some of the pale ivory (top right). I also smudged my eyes with the dark brown and skipped eye liner. I wanted my eyes to be understated to bring out the flush on my cheeks. However, it’s nearly impossible to capture on camera using natural light unless I conjure some clown cheeks. This is when I wish I had a ring light / soft box so all colors could be captured. Anyway, here, I’m wearing Bobbi Brown Antigua on my cheeks and on my lips, Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in Soft Berry.

[photos taken on a different time hence different tone. This is morning sunlight, the other 2 above, afternoon cloudy day]


makeup look using Dior Expose, Bobbi Brown Antigua, Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color Soft Berry

makeup look using Dior Expose, Bobbi Brown Antigua, Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color Soft Berry


Ah, a longer than expected post. What do you think of Dior Expose? I hope you have a lovely weekend, and an awesome week ahead of you and for the next stash shopping, we’ll tackle the purple in Magnify. For the blue palette, Electrify, click here. For warm oranges in Inflame, click here.


xoxo Lily