Sunday Stash Shopping #95: Dior Inflame 767

Last week on my stash shopping series, I created a couple of looks with Dior Electrify. Today, I’ll be continuing this series with Dior Inflame 767. It’s a very warm palette with orange tones. The palette has 3 very pigmented darker shades and 2 lighter sheer shimmers.


Dior eye shadow palette Inflame 767


The top 2 shades of Dior Inflame are the sheer ones, top left being a sheer peachy pink and top right being a more shimmery pale gold. I personally would prefer the peachy pink to be made more pigmented with satin finish so we have a solid base for the lids if needed. The pale gold shimmer is gorgeous as highlight, so I’d definitely keep it. Having both of them together in the palette seems a little redundant because they look too similar when worn.

The other 3 shades are solid and pigmented. The bottom left is a burnt orange brown with some red tones while the bottom right is a dark brown. The centre shade is a rusty orange (with slight red tones as well) that is best worn sheer (applied with a very fluffy brush) or as an accent colour. It’s great if you love bold eye looks. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’d know I always prefer my eye looks more natural. Even for smokey eyes, I make it more wearable. Here are the swatches.


Dior Inflame swatches


When worn bold, I used the dark brown shade all over my lids. Then, I used the orange at the centre of the palette on the crease. On the inner corner of my eyes, I highlighted it with the shimmery pale gold. Here’s how it looks.


Smokey eye using Dior Inflame


For an every day look, I just used the 2 bottom shades. The rusty brown on my lid, with dark brown to line my eyes and to slightly define the outer corner. As usual, I’d pull the lid shade down my lower lash line, and the dark brown on the outer third of my lower lash line. I used the peachy pink as a base, and the shimmers did transfer to the rusty brown. When worn on its own, the rusty brown is more matte. Here’s how it looks.


Wearable eye makeup using Dior Inflame

Every day makeup look using Dior Inflame


I hope you enjoyed today’s look. I think this palette is more suited to those with warmer skin tones. These Dior palettes wear very well, and I don’t need an eye primer for it to stay on my lids. If you have very oily lids though, I think you’d be wearing a primer no matter what. My lids are neither oily nor dry, but they do oil up after a few hours in the heat. I’m OK if I’m in an air conditioned place.


Dior eye shadow palettes


I have 2 more palettes to feature. Do you guys want a purple one, or a khaki one? What do you think of Dior Inflame? Happy weekend to you!


xoxo Lily