Review: Chanel Jumbo Longwear Lip Crayons

These are the Chanel Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur, or in plain English, Chanel Jumbo Longwear Lip Crayon (RM120). I received 4 lip crayons a while ago, and have been road testing them. My favourite has to be the red in No 5 Rouge. The lip crayons are the very convenient twist up pencils, and the colour of the lipstick is shown on the band at the end of the crayon, as you can see here. That is a great feature, because I can pick the right colour every time without having to open and twist up the crayon to check.


Chanel Jumbo Longwear Lip Crayons


The Chanel Jumbo Longwear Lip Crayons, the ones I have anyway, are really pigmented. They apply very smoothly, and are quite slippery, but not to the point of being like a lip balm. The colours don’t bleed on the edges, but they do remain slightly slippery without setting. I don’t know if I would call these long wearing, because I do have to reapply after just coffee and a sandwich. I don’t mind reapplying my lipsticks, to be honest, and I usually remove my lipstick after each meal to reapply. I did expect my lipstick to last a cuppa, but I was left with a slight lip ring. Other than that, these jumbo crayons apply and wear beautifully especially if you have dry and lined lips. They make the lips look smoother and fuller due to the shine in the formula. Even with these strong colours, such as bold red, striking fuschia and bright coral red, the crayons are very easy to apply. Rose Prodige is the only one with tiny glitters but only noticeable as slight shimmer when worn. It’s more of an every day rosy colour with a dash of bling.


Chanel Jumbo Longwear Lip Crayons swatches


The swatches above show you the texture of the lip crayons, and below are how they look worn. Rouge and Rouge Corail look very similar. Rouge Corail is much warmer with an orange tone to it while Rouge is a blue red.


Chanel Jumbo Longwear Lip Crayons in Rouge, Rouge Corail, Fuschia and Rose Prodige


My favourite is the Rouge red, and Rouge Corail comes a close second. Which one do you prefer? Rose Prodige looks very sweet and can be worn on its own but in the photo above, when put alongside the other brights, it looks way too plain, don’t you think? Maybe I should have applied some eye liner instead of just a touch of bronze eye shadow and mascara.


Chanel Jumbo Longwear Lip Crayons


If you’re looking for a very comfortable lipstick that’s easy to apply and a breeze to wear, then go have a look at these. I still wouldn’t say they are long wearing, so if you don’t mind reapplying your lipstick, then these non drying lip crayons might be what you’re missing in your handbag.


xoxo Lily