Review: Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette

This is a little review of the much hyped about Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette which I bought at Cult Beauty when it first launched. I’ve been using this palette, and I have some thingz to tell you. Let me first tell you that I have more than enough eye palettes to last me years and years to come, and I don’t need this. If you already have a neutral palette, you also probably don’t need this. Then again, as a beauty junkie, I just wanted to buy this, because I like the idea that there are 4 trios in this palette.


Charlotte Tilbury eye palette


Also, look at this packaging. It looks so glam! But of course, you can see the finger prints I left on this palette. Not so glam after all. When will I learn, eh? The palette consists of 12 eye colours, sorted in trios so it’s a no brainer for you. They are thought out for you, a prime shade you apply all over the lid, an enhance shade for you to apply on either your crease or your mobile lid, and a smoke shade which is the darkest shade to add depth to your eyes.



There are 4 eye looks in this palette, and they are Day Eye, Desk Eye, Date Eye and Disco Eye.


Charlotte Tilbury eye palette swatch


Day Eye is a cool toned neutral trio. I’m the most disappointed with this because they are very poor in pigmentation. I tried applying using my fingers and brushes, and this trio is the least performing one in this palette. What you see in the swatch above is layered. One swipe does not show on my arm, and my arm is quite pale. Desk Eye is a warm brown trio which performs so much better, but the Enhance shade is drier than the rest and goes on sheer.


Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette swatch


Date Eye and Disco Eye are my favourites in this palette. They perform so much better, the shadows creamy and pigmented and they blend really well. The swatches above show only one swipe from my finger to my dry unprimed arm. The Enhance shade of both eye looks are shimmery and there is also very fine glitters which looks quite sparkly on the lids. The tiny sparkles do drop down under my eye and it stays better with a primer underneath.

I’d like to tell you to splurge on this but this palette is anything but affordable. I don’t find it any different from any other neutral palettes and for the price, I do expect ALL the eye shadows to perform. As it is, 4 out of the 12 eye shadows are not performing to my expectations. It is also not as accessible as other more affordable brands such as the ever popular Urban Decay which came out with the original naked palette saga.


Charlotte Tilbury eye palette


Do I regret buying this Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette? Well, not really. I still like it, and the Smoke shade from the Day Eye is a good contouring shade if needed. But if I had the chance to swatch this palette before buying, honestly, I would NOT have purchased it. Why cry over spilled milk though, right? I love both Date Eye and Disco Eye and I will create 4 looks using this palette for you in the near future. Maybe next week?

I just wanted to get this review out because all the reviews I read are so positive, I wanted to chime in and say, hey, it’s really not that great. BUT if you don’t have an eye shadow palette, you might enjoy this.


xoxo Lily